Nature Versus Nurture: Both Play A Role In Development

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Nature versus nurture is a commonly debated topic in the scientific world. For example were all child molesters abused as children themselves or are their genes or other factors to blame for their bad decisions? Genes seem to determine much about children, such as eye color and height, but do they also determine behavior and overall health, or is the environment the children were raised in to blame? For example, when a child is misbehaving, is it the parents responsibility to take the blame for their offspring's behavior due to how they have chosen to raise their son or daughter, or is the child's genetic makeup to blame for their faults? Can a child's environment override the genes a child is born with?

Mischievous children's genes and environment are both to blame for their actions. Just because a child sees his or her parents invest their time in drugs or alcohol does not make the child themselves end up in the same situation proving that environment is not the only determining factor in a child's behavior. Genetics play an important role as well. The environment a child is raised in may be a contributing factor in the development of a child's personality and preferences but it will not completely override the child's genes just as the genes will not necessarily override the childhood influences and parenting.

Many children are raised by parents who make bad decisions but not all of those children grow up to make the same mistakes. Obviously our overall physical appearance is...

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