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A green spirit enhancer, peacemaker, cognitive killer, or gateway drug; marijuana has been a controversial issue across America ever since its introduction. Scientists have only begun to scratch the surface uncovering the facts of this organism. Most psychoactive drugs rely on the activity on one or two alkaloids, cocaine is a major alkaloid found in the coca plant.
Unlike any other psychoactive substance cannabis relies on cannabinoids which react in complex ways to produce the psychoactive effects. Humans above all creatures have cannabinoid receptors built in! Why else would some be enthralled and others infuriated with marijuana? The fact that we as humans may be more connected to the ...view middle of the document...

The dealers that sell marijuana may have other drugs that they try to push on the buyers saying, “Hey want something stronger?” which could lead to the use of stronger drugs. When in fact there is absolutely nothing in marijuana that makes you want to try other drugs to achieve a better or stronger high.
Refer Madness was a propaganda film that attempted to dissect marijuana as some wild narcotic killing any will of a healthy American to try marijuana, and it worked! Until America realized the government was not the truth seeking friend we thought, the only ones who dare to touch the drug had better be famous or a burned out junkie with no will power. This is where most of today’s scorching accusations about marijuana stem from. The majority of cons facing marijuana are nothing but plastic assumptions with no concentrated evidence.
When some people do become addicted to marijuana, it cannot be compared to cocaine, heroin, or any other substance with physically dependent qualities. The only way to become addicted lies in the mind of the user. The most prone to psychological addiction are those using weed as a cover up to hide from other problems they may be facing in life. These people are the getaway/gateway users, too afraid of facing their own problems. In most studies these individuals are inclined to using other drugs compared to those who use marijuana medically, or recreationally.
In 1979 Ronald Regan announced “The most reliable scientific sources say permanent brain damage is one of the most inevitable results from the use of marijuana” The Heath Tulan study was conducted used monkeys, group A monkeys were pumped 30 joints a day, group B monkeys were used as a control group receiving no marijuana. The results were calculated after the death of group A monkeys after 90 days, brain damage was considered the cause of death. This study became the foundation of nearly every claim that marijuana kills brain cells.
After six years of attempting to reveal how the study was conducted the truth finally came out. Instead of administering thirty joints a day for one year, Dr. Heath used a method of pumping sixty three Columbian strength joints through a gas mask within five minutes over three months. What they...

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