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The Effects Of The Naval Budget Cuts

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The United States of America has been involved in many different conflicts, foreign and domestic, popular and unpopular, spanning across four centuries and all corners of the globe. From the warm coastal waters of the American homeland to the atolls of the Pacific, from the winding inland rivers of Vietnam to the chokepoint at the Strait of Hormuz, American sailors have valiantly stood up to defend America’s interests at home and abroad. The Navy has had to continuously update its vessels and technologies in order to keep up with the rapidly changing times, and ensure we not only stay competitive with but surpass the foreign competition. No other period in history has undergone the swift technological evolution that our troops experience today, and outfitting our soldiers with the best equipment money can buy and the most up-to-date training must remain a top priority. As sequestration and budget cuts slash $487 billion from the Department of the Navy’s budget over the next 10 years, it is more evident than ever how detrimental these budget cuts can be on the sailors of today and tomorrow alike. Significant cuts to the Naval budget will jeopardize the readiness of our ships and sailors, impair our ability to maintain strategic assets ready for forward deployment in critical areas, and constrict our ability to acquire new and improved technology.
Sequestration is a relatively new challenge for the United States Government and the Department of the Navy more specifically; the seeds of it being sown a little over five years ago through the great recession. As a result of the recession, the Tea Party, a more deficit conscious fiscal conservative wing of the Republican Party, was formed. This new group then railroaded the broader Republican Party into not raising the debt ceiling, almost causing a “shutdown” of the United States government. Although this did not come to pass, it was still cause for a great scare in Washington. Lawmakers from both sides of the isle then came together to work on a plan that would try and satisfy both party’s wants and needs. This plan failed, however, as lawmakers were not able to come up with a bipartisan solution. After both parties failed to come up with a solution that would satisfy both parties, automatic budget cuts then came into effect. These automatic cuts called for a $109 billion to be cut annual. The weight of the cuts would be spread equally throughout the U.S. Government, being carried by both military and nonmilitary departments alike, meaning that the budget cuts to the military alone would total $55 billion annually each fiscal year. It is through these cuts that the Navy will have to operate on into the foreseeable future.
As the budget cuts continue on into the future, the readiness of our sailors and ships are increasingly being put in jeopardy. The human aspect of the military is the foundation of everything we do, and without that vital part in the proverbial pyramid of...

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