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The Unites States Navy, founded in 1775 on the 13th of October has been in active service and will be for a long time. The Navy, being one of the five uniformed Military force the United States was created to protect the nation and her people. The Navy, unlike the Marine Corps or the Army, spend most of their time, either on base or in the middle of sea. They, the Navy Personnel, are usually on peacekeeping missions, where they will be able to visit a port while on duty. Joining the Navy has many advantages because they often have to refill their tanks along a friendly port. This gives many of the personnel aboard the promises of seeing the world. They get to see the world and learn about the different cultures. Not only do the personnel get to travel, the government pays for most, if not all of the education that a Navy Personnel would like to receive while they are still in the Navy. Many of the personnel go in as enlisted, which means a person who doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree, though it varies from case to case. Upon retiring from the Navy, one may end up with a doctorate degree that was fully or mostly paid by the government. The Navy also raises the rank of their personnel quiet quickly, meaning that the pay grade they receive over their years of serving, raises quiet rapidly.
Someone who is joining the military may join because they are allowed to travel all around the world for free. Though a personnel may be on tour, once they are at a port, they are able to disembark for an allotted amount of time and walk around the area. According to Lieutenant Christopher Cecil who is a USN Retired and a Senior Naval Science Instructor at “THE” AVHS:
“NCIS will also determine what areas are off limits such as high crime areas. Within a week of arrival, the crew will be briefed on these areas, what the policy is as far as proper attire, local laws, tours that will be offered, and any other info regarding the port. A typical port visit can be for three days. Depending on the port, sailors can be away from the ship for their entire liberty time or have a curfew. It can also be affected by a sailors rank. Usually each sailor will get two days of liberty and 1 day of duty where they stay on board the ship. Sailors will usually go out in groups of three or more for safety. I personally loved to go shopping for family, dine in local restaurants, and participate in tours. This enabled me to experience the culture. The tours also gave sailors other things to do besides going and getting inebriated, which gave the Navy a very bad perception for decades.”
Not only are sailors allowed to travel and see the world while they are on tour, they are also allowed to travel with their family with the amount of leave that they receive. The sailors are given “Enlisted Sailors and Officers enjoy generous vacation time (in the Navy it is called leave). You can earn up to 30 paid days leave each year. If you don’t take all 30 days in one year, you can...

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