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Nay Paper

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meaningful exploration of the impact of health care delivery market place changes and current legislative reforms on the essential tenets of the patient-physician relationship. According to President Clinton’s original reform proposal it addressed in broad terms the ethical imperatives supporting total access, it left virtually unexamined more fundamental question of the role of the physician in a reformed system where budgets determine the amount of health care spending, services, and the incentives that are dramatically changing (Ethic Issues n.d ). In June of 1990 the council met and issued a report on, "Financial Incentives to Limit Care: Financial Implications for HMOs and IPAs, It described the financial incentives that managed care plans proposes to physicians to limit their provision of care (Policy 140.978, AMA Policy Compendium). The report concluded that patient welfare must of course remain priority while physicians continue in working in HMOs and IPAs and that physician must expose contractual boundaries that affect the sending of health care to patients and all related financial inducements. With the importance on managed competition and managed care, health care reform will greatly intensify the ethical concerns greater by managed care. It is therefore important that the society and professionals act now to guarantee that managed care techniques are applied in a way that protects the integrity of the patient-physician relationship and the patient (Ethical Issues n.d). To effect physician behavior monetary incentives are normally used , and may entail of fulfilling physicians who practice medicine cautiously by offering financial payments, such as advantages for those who provide the most cost-efficient care. A fine can occur if cost-efficient or too many procedures are performed by those who implement them. The penalty can be the elimination of bonuses or a deduction of income. When we speak of non-monetary incentives in can be in relation to peer pressure, or a force from superiors, and to accept those who fail to take into justification the financial well-being of their employer (Jecker 1998). A non-monetary and monetary reason raises the ethical concern that physicians may negotiate patient advocacy in order to complete overall savings. An associated ethical concern describes the effect of managed care on physician-patient relationships. Several entities worry that managed care will challenge physician-patient relationships by destroying patients' trust in their physicians, sinking the amount of time physicians spend with patients and restraining patients' access to physicians (Jecker 1998). Current legal issues we are facing today are: Submitting Claims for services not rendered, Misrepresenting diagnosis information, Utilizing split billing schemes, and Duplicate billing. According to The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act it guarantee that all Americans have admittance to quality, reasonable health care and...

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