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Nazi And The Holocaust Essay

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The Holocaust was a devastating event in Europe. The Greek words ‘holos’(meaning whole) and ‘kaustos’(meaning burned) combined have come to mean a devastating slaughter of around 6 million Jews in Europe. Even though Anti-Semitism was around longer than Adolf Hitler, the term only seems to originate from the 1870s even though the meaning itself has evidence of being around since the times of ancient Rome. The thing about the Holocaust was that not only Jews were killed, gypsies and homosexuals were also slaughtered in the extermination and concentration camps. There were six extermination camps, four of which were ‘pure’ extermination camps, and there were at least 22 concentration camps. ...view middle of the document...

Hitler’s strong anti-Semitism has a source that is strangely unclear, the fuhrer coming from Austria and serving for the Germans in WW1.
Auschwitz by itself had more than 2 million Jewish and ’other undesirables’ died in the process of something that resembled a large industrial operation. The lack of action on part of the Allied powers was mainly because of their winning the war at hand but it was generally because of their disbelief that the atrocity known as the Holocaust could actually be happening. Nobody could believe that Hitler was slaughtering innocent people for what he referred to as the Aryan, or ‘pure German’, race. Auschwitz, which was one of the largest concentration and extermination camp in the Nazi regime, was located somewhere in southern Poland and was the slaughterhouse for 2-4 million ‘undesirables’. Auschwitz was quickly the main camp for the Nazi regime and the ‘showers’ that were supposed to be used to rid the inmates of parasites or ticks on their skin were actually used to gas all who entered the sealed chamber. In the August of 1942 Auschwitz was only responsible for 11% of the slaughter for the Nazis but that was going to change quite quickly, in the autumn of 1942 it was apparent that the SS men were planning something bigger and even more sinister for Auschwitz-Birkenau. In the April of 1943 the combined area of the gas chambers were 2,225 square meters and the total number of bodies that the crematoria could hold was now 4,420. It was clear that Hitler intended to make the Auschwitz-Birkenau a mass-murder industrial realm from which none would return. In the beginning the new facility was ‘underutilized’ and from the April of 1943 to the March of 1944 ‘only’ 160,00 people were slaughtered. Then, in the May of 1944, a railroad was built to lead directly to Auschwitz, after all of the other death camps had been abandoned the Birkenau passed all the records for the other slaughterhouses. The first week prisoners were there they quickly figured out what happened to their family that went the opposite direction.
Many experiments happened to the poor children who just happened to be twins. Josef Mengele was the leader of these experiments for the Nazis believed that if they could find a way for a German woman to give birth to blonde haired and blue eyed twins then their future ‘could be saved’. Therefore, Josef Mengele had SS men look for twins on the ramp anytime he was there. WIth a cry of “Zwillinge!” the twins would be taken away and were treated considerably better than regular prisoners since they were ‘Mengele’s children’. It was largely debated whether hiding the twins would be better than what they would go through, there’s never a right answer when it comes between death or experimentation. They were allowed to keep their hair and clothes but many experiments were done on their bodies and the final experiment involved killing twins purposefully or taking the bodies of those who had died during the previous...

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