Nazi Eugenics And Racial Hygiene Essay

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The Nazi’s perpetrated many horrors during the Holocaust. They enacted many cruel laws. They brainwashed millions into foolishly following them and believing their every word using deceitful propaganda tactics. They forced many to suffer doing embarrassing jobs and to live in crowded ghettos. They created mobile killing squads to exterminate their enemies. Finally, as part of “The Final Solution to the Jewish Question”, they made concentration and killing camps. Another thing the Nazi’s did was to use eugenics as another mean to micromanage the population. What is eugenics, you might ask? It’s the field of scientific study or the belief in genetically improving qualities, attributes and traits in the human race and/or improving the species as a whole—usually done by controlled/selective breeding. Those with positive, desirable, and superior traits are encouraged to reproduce and may be given monetary incentives by the government to have large families. Those with negative, undesirable, or inferior traits may be discouraged from having offspring. They may be sterilized, or undergo dangerous medical procedures or operations with high mortality rates. I chose this topic because it appealed to me and seemed interesting. In the following paragraphs, the tactics, methods, and propaganda the Nazi’s used will be exposed.
Adolf Hitler (the Führer or leader of the Nazi party) “believed that a person's characteristics, attitudes, abilities, and behavior were determined by his or her so-called racial make-up.” He thought that those “inherited characteristics (did not only affect) outward appearance and physical structure”, but also determined a person’s physical, emotional/social, and mental state. Besides these ideas, the Nazi’s believed that certain ethnic races and certain people were inferior. Jews, Poles, Slavs, Gypsies, people with physical/mental disabilities, criminals, homeless people, prostitutes, the unemployed/jobless people, alcoholics, LGBT people, political opponents, anyone who rebelled and fought back against the Nazi’s, anyone who had a position of high power and could potentially become an enemy, religious people who wouldn’t follow Nazi rules on religious grounds—all these people were targets of the Holocaust and of the Nazi’s. Basically, if you weren’t “Aryan”, if you had some disability or medical condition, if you didn’t agree with the Nazi’s, if you didn’t obey the Nazi’s rules and commands, or were potentially too powerful/dangerous, then you were considered a target. Some of these people were considered “inferior”.
Another belief of Hitler and the Nazi’s was “survival of the fittest”. They claimed that costly healthcare programs let those unworthy of life live, and when they reproduced they continued to spread their defective genetic DNA. Undesirables and inferiors were also blamed for spending government money (gained through taxes) that belonged to the fit and healthy. He wanted “vigilance in maintaining the purity of the gene...

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