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Nazi Germany And How It Fell

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Society One is the Strongest and Most Thriving Society in this because of its height in Economics, its height in Politician, and its height in Sociable Classes. This Essay is about how Society number one may went up and immediately back down. Society one began as an economical crisis to the whole country of Germany. But when a leader so called Hitler came to town, he was the Santa Claus of money for Germany. People worshiped him just his speeches bread haters. The cause of that was a war and the killing of many Minorities. Hitler was Germany’s Santa Claus yes but what he forgot to do was… give piece, if Hitler didn't kill the Minorities he wouldn't have put a gun in his mouth and killed himself . Also including why Societies fall can be very vital to many people and it was for Germany because they had to pay a debt to Britain *2 being since they forgot to pay Britain in the first war, and a debt to America. That reason of Losing too Many Wars and Corrupt Leader Ship and mistreatment of Minorities in the country and all of that are reasons of why great Societies like this can fall.
A Key factor to the loss of many societies is that they Mistreat Minorities, Corrupt leaders, and Too Many Wars, which to them were the Jewish men and Women and the people that stood against Him (Hitler).Here is a link to an example which has Information on how Carthage fell when they lost the Punic wars and Rome burnt them down and they died because qall of there homes were burnt down and they ran out of food and they just burnt to death. When Hannibal died and failed to win the Third Punic War Rome burnt down Carthage.
The example on this society is that After Nazi Germany lost the first WW they had to pay a huge debt. when they did they had no more money the all started to die and then when Hitler came in they all got rich and all that life was good in Nazi Germany and then when they Lost WWII they had to pay another huge debt and they then paid Britain and England and the USA their debt and they ran out of money again and a new person came in and started the Cold war which was the battle of Nuclear Bombs and things like that which is where the “Invasion of Pigs” which was in Cuba which is also known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Here is a link on what CIA Agents learned from the Nazis. Also in the Cold War was the Manhattan Project which was when a lot of Physicists came together and they tried to figure out the formula for the Atom Bomb. The most famous one was Albert Einstein who was the founder of the Atom Bomb Formula and a quote from him is “I made one big mistake in life and that was having Nazi Germany find out about the Atom Bomb formula.” .
One last Bit of Information which is all the knowledge that I know from learning about Nazi Germany and writing a research paper on it when I...

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