Nazi Renaissance: When A Past Refuses To Die

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There is a tendency to see gang activity as a purely American phenomenon. Truth be told youth gangs have been reported across many countries and can have their origins traced to early Europe (Mihailoff). One example can be seen with the revival of the Nazi youth movement and the counter offensive of those who are taking the brunt of the violence occurring in Germany. As Germany is seeing an influx in immigration it also has a growing issue with the war that is being waged by youth that view their culture under a fundamental attack.
Merriam-Webster defines a gang as: a group of persons working together (2): a group of persons working to unlawful or antisocial ends; especially: a band of antisocial adolescents. Youth gangs are united under common interests and are typically regarded as a menace to society often performing illegal activities. Gangs have existed for hundreds of years in a number of cultures, however many people educated on them put the emergence of the modern youth gang in the nineteenth century. Gangs and youth groups have existed since at least the middle Ages. Accounts from England in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries describe criminal gangs that robbed, extorted, and raped. Although these early gangs had characteristics associated with the modern youth gang, today’s urban street gangs emerged in the United States where the social and economic pressures associated with rapid industrialization, urbanization, and immigration created an environment that organized criminal gangs could thrive under (Mihailoff).
Since the fall of the Berlin wall Germany as seen a revival of youth, with rightist views, that glamorize the Third Reich’s heyday. They have gone by names like Hitler Youth and SS-East. Then, as now, they direct their violence on migrant workers and immigrants. They view Hitler’s birthday as a holiday and celebrate it with shouts of ‘Heil Hitler.' In the beginning they were just removed from the communist youth groups of East Germany. The realization of second class status to their western counterparts pushed them to the neo-Nazi movements that are prevalent still today. Many feel that neo-Nazism always had followers in eastern Germany and when it crumbled the large and sudden doses of western freedom fed frustration, violence, and crime. In the early ‘90’s a surge in street violence was seen with mounting unemployment and sharp reductions in the number of police officers (Kershner). With the economic uncertainty of today the same fertile grounds that created the first growth period seem to be back, pair that with the Muslim immigration explosion and a perfect storm could be on the horizon.
The German Nazi revival has been met with resistance by police, a public still paying reparations for past crimes, and a new network of rival gangs. A growing Turkish population has given rise to new gangs. Their violence is a response to the "segregation, degradation and humiliation," inflicted on foreigners in Germany. The gangs...

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