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When the NBA dress code was put into place it was to correct many problems the commission perceived. The dress code requires players to wear Business Casual attire whenever they are engaged in team or league business. Meaning they must wear a long or short sleeved dress shirt and/or sweater. They must have dress slacks, khakis, or dress jeans. And must wear appropriate shoes and socks, dress boots or other presentable shoes. But what must be understood is that the new dress code will actually harm the athletes and the league. First, it doesn't allow athletes to fully utilize endorsements. Second, the rule is subjective and could lead to many unfair punishments. Third, the dress code is not thorough enough to actually do any good. That is why we stand affirmed to the resolution that the National Basketball Association should rescind its dress code.
Our first point, the newly instated dress code is unfair to the athletes because it will limit their available income. Part of their income can come from endorsement deals for athletic clothing companies. Players are drawing huge contracts from these companies, such as Lebron James who is receiving 90 million dollars from Nike for his endorsement. When he can't wear their brand of clothing it could encourage the company to release him from his contract. It is assumed that NBA players are all millionaires, but the minimum yearly salary is only 385 thousand dollars, at the wage, endorsements become important to the athlete, especially because the average NBA career lasts a mere 4 years according to the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame. That's precious time spent out of the real career world. Not to mention the physical harm their bodies can endure. A player should be allowed to utilize all available income and market themselves as they choose. If a player thinks his best way to earn endorsements is to dress in a suit then so be it. But if a player thinks the best way to market himself is to wear clothes produced by Nike or Reebok, he should be allowed to do so.
Our second point, the NBA offers no definitions for many of the terms it forces players to adhere, thus making the rule very subjective. No where in the official rule of the NBA Player Dress Code is there a definition of any of the terms. Business Casual, Dress Jeans, Dress Shirt are all important terms but remain undefined, available for anyone to interpret as they wish. The problem...

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