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Nba Teams: The Los Angeles Dodgers

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Professional Perspectives
Los Angeles, California is the home of many athletic dynasties such as; the Los Angeles Dodgers, USC Trojans, and most importantly the Los Angeles Lakers. Sports broadcasting advances every year, providing fans with more convenient access to keeping up with their favorite teams and athletes. For Laker fans in 1947, when the Lakers organization was founded, one had to attend games or be home to watch them on television at the exact time they were scheduled to air. However, technology has advanced so much you can now keep up with the Lakers through a variety of different mediums.
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There didn’t happen to be much conflict in this particular game however, I have noted during many televised sports events when there is conflict the directors tend to take time away from the game to focus on the conflict. When there is a confrontational occurrence it is constantly replayed, commentators spend a significant amount of time discussing it, even during the continuation of the game, which is something one will only experience via television or radio.
When filming a live game camera men focus on the game for the most part, though they often times side bar and take time to put emphasis on particular players and their status. For instance, during the Lakers versus Bulls game, the camera men took time to focus on the many injured players on the Lakers’ bench who were out for the game. They updated viewers on how long those players would be out and how significant their injuries were. They also took a few moments to remind the viewers of Chicago Bulls’ star, Derrick Rose’s injury and the fact that he will be out for another season. Also during the game Steve Nash was hit in an area he had previously injured, and the commentators as well the camera men began to focus on him and continuously replayed the play where he was hit. One of the many purposes of putting so much emphasis of injuries is to break down how the injuries occurred, to give the audience an idea of how significant the injury may be and what it may mean for the team, especially if the injured is a star player and a key to winning games.
While the game and the status of the athletes is the primary focus of camera men and directors, in Los Angeles, they always take the time to allow celebrities to share the limelight with athletes. During every timeout and after every commercial, the camera men took a few seconds to show what celebrities attended the game. Many celebrities so happened to be at this particular game including: Harrison Ford, rapper “The Game,” Calista Flockhart, and a few other big names. This type of setting isn’t typically shared with viewers who aren’t watching the game on television or perhaps even listening to the radio. In a nutshell, while watching a game on television, viewers are presented with a completely different experience than they receive when streaming the game from the internet or keeping up with tweets.
Not only do the fans have access to the game and it’s sources of entertainment, but television is also used to help the existence of sports media and provides resources for fans to buy merchandise. One of the many reasons sports entities exist is to generate revenue. During Sunday’s game there were many commercials that advertised Lakers’ merchandise. Not only were there many advertisements for Laker gear, but there was plenty of merchandise being advertised as the official drink, sandwich, or phone of the NBA. This gives fans the opportunity to benefit and give profit to the organization. Television broadcasts are not simply used for...

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