Ncaa Sports: The Financial Stranglehold On Today’s College Athletes

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What has perpetually been one of the most constraining matters of contention in the world of sports today has now become a matter the NCAA can no longer afford to ignore. The service that college athletes provide to colleges and universities they attend in addition to millions of fans all over the world is still not being repaid in the manner that it should be for their exceptional dedication, work/study ethic and most importantly, income in profits brought in to their employer.
The NCAA is a multi-billion dollar commerce that has generated over $840 billion last year alone due to their players’ ability to enthrall and percolate to their bounteous extent at all times. So with all of this ...view middle of the document...

However there is no such thing as a four year athletic scholarship. Athletic scholarships are performance based and are re-signed on a yearly basis. If the athletic department feel that a particular athletes performance does not meet certain standards then his or her scholarship and be terminated at the end of the school year. The world renown coach John Calipari of the Kentucky Wildcats Mens Basketball program is notorious for using this measure against many of his players in efforts to attain the most competitive team possible. Additionally, players are required to attend mandatory practices, team meetings, team functions, etc. If missed, players can be subject to a number of penalties including indefinite suspension from team activities.
Now you would assume that if players are not provided benefits they are surely allowed to work to generate income just like any other student, right? Not so fast. The NCAA is actually crazy enough to restrain their athletes from having an employment or making money because they don’t want them profiting in on their generated fame in any way, shape or form.
Does this mean that if someone wants to buy an autographed jersey off of me for $3,000 dollars I can’t do it? Or if a local business wants to give me a free product or service I have to decline? At the end of the day these are just regular, college kids with little to no extra income, so of course any offer of money to buy clothes or go out would be a simple choice, especially when it is free of charge! If a student on a band scholarship accepted any money or gifts, no one would notice, or care. There is a double standard. Nevertheless, these are the decisions many athletes are...

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