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Neanderthals Vs Cro Magnon Essay

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Cro-Magnon vs. NeanderthalBy: Rauman Tuan KichilGrade 11 University Biology (SBI3U)Mr. PeinsznskiNovember 27th, 2013When Neanderthals were alive they inhabited Europe all the way to the Middle East from 300,000 to 100,00 years ago until the Cro-Magnon's succeeded them at around 24,000 years ago. There are a lot of theories and hypotheses of how Neanderthals looked different from modern humans, the ways that Neanderthals survived, how they were succeeded by interbreeding with early forms of Cro-Magnons, and there also many speculations of how Neanderthals became extinct. Some of the speculations may include: they did not have the proper clothing and shelter to survive or they did not have the right techniques for hunting for fish or birds. Even today there is a lot of controversy about how the Neanderthals became extinct, their resemblance and the reasoning of how the Cro-Magnon's succeeded them. In this essay, I will try to relay as much information for all theories and speculations on the topic of Neanderthals vs. Cro-Magnons'.The differences between Cro-Magnon vs. Neanderthals include some of their phenotypes and some of their organs. Neanderthals had a large brow ridges, large teeth and small cheekbones. Neanderthals were also adapted to colder weather and had larger muscles; they had small limbs that maximized heat production and minimized heat loss with an expanded rib cage to house larger lungs. Cro-Magnon resemble the modern human most because their forehead was straight, the brow ridges only slightly projecting, the eye socket was low, wide and rather in square shape (Ancient Man and His First Civilizations, N.D). The average adult Neanderthal male was approximately 5 foot 5 and had a weight of 143 pounds. An average adult Neanderthal female was 5 foot 1and 119 pounds (Dennis O'Neil, N.D).The ways that Neanderthals survived and ate were different from our current civilization. The Neanderthal diet consisted mostly of meat more than anything else for the most part because plants would have been wilted or out of sight during winter. Neanderthals were seasonal hunters because during the winter there was a lot of reindeer and in the summer they would have red deer. There is evidence that Neanderthals ate plants too; scientists found plaques of molar teeth that contain starch grains- concrete evidence that Neanderthals had plants in their food cycle/chain. The tools that the Neanderthals used for hunting were sharp and when they went hunting they would jab/thrust their prey with their tools instead of throwing them (refer to picture on the top right). This led to a lot of bone fractures because when they hunted larger animals they would usually get injured in the process (Smithsonian Institution, N.D).(Charles Choi, 2013)In 2009, there was a study done of the Neanderthal genome in Germany. The results that the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology found was that Neanderthals and modern humans share approximately 99.5% to 99.9 % of...

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