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Neanderthals Vs. Humans Essay

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Throughout time man has evolved. Common belief is that Homo sapiens evolved from primates and then, by following the Darwinistic theory of evolution, Neanderthals, when in fact they all evolved alongside each other, sharing common ancestors rather than directly coming from one another. This then lead to similarities in the DNA as well to the high probability that there was interbreeding between the species; phylogenic tree mappings of the mitochondrial DNA of numerous different modern humans from around the world as well as the mtDNA of an assortment of Homo neanderthalensis were able to show the similarities of the two species along with the human descent from their origins in Africa to ...view middle of the document...

The test groupings of phylogenic trees were able to give valuable information as well; from the branches, it was clear to see that the primates, humans, and Neanderthals all had their own general clusters, creating visible proof of the side by side evolution. Neanderthals and humans did seem to have more similarities with each other than their evolutionary friends the primates, despite the fact that they all did still share an ancient familiar that they were today-descended from. Also, through DNA testing, it was discovered that after leaving Africa, ancient Homo sapiens started interbreeding with the Neanderthals of Europe, resulting in an “(on average) 2.5 percent [of] Neanderthal” DNA in modern day Asians and Europeans, and then their descendants, as Africans do not seem to carry the DNA of Neanderthals (Discover Magazine, Zimmer, 2013). Therefore, there was interbreeding, yet probably not enough to actually make a huge difference on the people of today.

Homo neanderthalensis, unlike humans and primates, don’t have living descendants this day in age- other than the traces of DNA their past affairs left in humans- and, be that as it may, it’s hard to determine why they weren’t fit to survive into the present day. Most likely it was due to their smarts. With the dating of ancient artifacts, it has been found that Neanderthals had probably been making jewelry and adornments of their own innovation as much as 5,000 years before the humans arrived, showing their own creativity and development as a species as well as a culture, though they may have been lacking in...

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