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Near The End Of The Play John Proctor Says To Elizabeth ‘I Am A Good Man.’ How Does Miller Present John Proctor? Is He A Good Man In Your View?

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Miller presents the character of John Proctor in an important way to show two sides to his character. These qualities make him have the most important role in ‘The Crucible.’ The key events that show him in this way is when the audience find out about the affair, how he tries to defend his wife, his confession in court and his hanging for the sake of others. Through the events in The Crucible, Miller then portrays John Proctor’s character with tension and suspense. This then makes the audience question whether or not he is a good man.

Firstly, John Proctor is not seen to be a good man because in chapter one is affair with Abigail is exposed. “Give me a word, John. A soft word. (Her ...view middle of the document...

Proctor mentions how, “I will bring you home. I will bring you soon.” The fighting spirit that Proctor has can be clearly shown through the speech. The verb ‘will’ is repeated and he mentions he will be the one to bring her home ‘I’. The repetition of ‘I will’ suggests certainty that he is adamant he can free her from the hands of the court. This shows that John Proctor is a good man as even though he has done wrong and betrayed his wife before he is trying to turn that back and now be faithful and kind to her to make up for the wrongs that he has done. To further support this point, Proctor also uses a metaphor to show how he will fight for her. “I will fall like an ocean on that court! Fear nothing, Elizabeth.” This suggests how much faith he has in himself that he can free her and how much faith she should have in him because he is doing whatever he can to try and free her. Comparing what he will do to ‘the ocean’ shows the large consequences of what is about to come next in the play. This therefore foreshadows how he tells the court anything just so that he can free Elizabeth. The word ‘fall’ mirrors how his status also falls when he admits to committing adultery with Abigail. Although, the confession that he gave about committing adultery with Abigail was a way in which his status got lower, it shows he is a good man as he went to extremes to try and get what he wanted. What he wanted was to get Elizabeth freed from the hands of the court as she was innocent. To prove this he admits to adultery and says,...

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