Nearly Perfect Equality Essay

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Jonas was a student, he was 11 years old, and everyone was the same in every way apart from their gender variations, they were all the same height the same colour eyes and hair anyways nobody could tell the difference as no one could see colours anymore since it wasn’t fair for the colour blind people. Pain no longer existed.
As know total equality isn’t possible there were still some elders, the wiser ones who were in charge, they tried to be as equal to everyone and didn’t abuse of their powers. The society was very organised to the point of planning a whole life time from birth to death for every human. When the children turned 14 there was a ceremony in March; the children were to become part of the society leave school and do the jobs they were told to do without questioning as no one had any idea whether they were doing the right thing or the wrong thing. Jonas had a family, in the society.
Jonas knew he was different he knew he wasn’t equal to everyone in the society; he knew the unequal ones were terminated, he didn’t know what termination meant nor did anyone but the word created fear. He knew his life was soon going to change forever.
3 years later, MarchThe celebration was about to begin Jonas was now 14, he was standing on a stage which another bunch of kids his age, all as anxious as him. An elderly woman came up on the stage, cleared her throat and said: “Welcome, my dear companions we have once again had a successful rate of new borns growing with the same capacities as us and being equal , we have only terminated 216 cases this year which is twice as less as last year. I also have the honour of presenting you this year’s class”. A round of applause went on for 2 minutes and then halted. The procedure was easy they would say the children name and their designed job and would walk off stage,” Jane architect, john teacher, Lex sales man”. Chattering started to grow people had been aware the Jonas had been missed and that mistakes were never made, panic started to grow till the list finished. Jonas heart was speeding at this point he could go into cardiac arrest and then be...

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