Necesity Of War Essay

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The Iliad: By Homer
The Necessity of War

        The Trojan War began when Paris, the prince of Troy, ran off with Helen, the wife of Menelaus. Menelaus was the king of Sparta and very powerful. Menelaus demands that his wife be returned immediately. Paris then denied his demands the Trojan War began. The entire war was fought over a beautiful woman that the two men should have handled themselves. The conflict sparked a war between the Achaean army and the Trojan army. Many men perform at the peak of their physical and mental abilities at battle. The battle for Troy is where the novel takes place and is the most recognized. The war influenced thousands of people's lives in a ...view middle of the document...

A nation often fights wars to conquer land, for economic reasons or religious beliefs. A nation leads, funds, and administrates the war. The country controls whether the war ends or continues. Paris of the Trojans ran off with Helen, Menelaus' wife, causing the Trojan War to begin. The Achaean nation was fighting in place of Menelaus and the Trojan army acted for Paris. Both nations risked the lives of their citizens to fight this simple conflict. The nation made the decision for its peoples to fight and die for their nation.

        Every nation is consists of multiple individuals. In a war the warring nations are the big picture, yet to every individual it is their own conflict. Achilles was a perfect example of an individuals fight in war. When Agamemnon took Briseis from him Achilles stopped fighting because Agamemnon disgraced his honor. He is not fighting for Menelaus but for himself. Achilles fought for his honor and the warrior code. When fighting he wasn't thinking of how the out come of the battle would improve the image of his nation but whether he himself would benefit. Achilles was a great warrior yet he was not a great leader.

        A single person can handle themselves fine, yet multiple people could never accomplish anything without a leader. Wars produce the leaders of the world. Throughout history generals and war heroes have been great leaders. Many people including Alexander the great, Agamemnon, and General Eisenhower were leaders in wars that became great leaders. Agamemnon was the leader of the Achaean army and the brother of Menelaus. He led his men to victory over Troy with the help of Odysseus and the Trojan horse. Agamemnon may have caused Achilles to stop fighting but he still kept the Trojan front line back with out Achilles' help for a while. The outcome of every war is determined by the leaders.

        Achilles fought for nothing but himself and his honor. He is known to this day as one of the greatest warriors in human history. He was a selfish man that wouldn't even fight for his friends if it disgraced his honor. Hector, on the other hand, fought for his...

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