Necessary Skills For Successful College Study

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Running Head: NECESSARY SKILLS FOR SUCCESSFUL COLLEGE STUDY 1NECESSARY SKILLS FOR SUCCESSFUL COLLEGE STUDY 5ENG/147September 7, 2014Necessary Skills for Successful College StudyLynn and Jeremy (2010) described this as the optimum time in the last five hundred years to go to college because of such things as news media, technology of the 21st century, better professors and government funding. Even so, many students are still not successful in college. Even before joining college, if one is prepared to meet the demands of college academics then he or she increases the likelihood of being able to keep up with the workload significantly. Being prepared enables the student to gain more from their college experience, graduate on time and with excellent results. The skills required include setting goals, exercising good time management, good test taking skills just to mention a few. College students often fail in their studies primarily because they have not obtained the necessary skills required to meet the demands of a college curriculum.Goals are necessary and serve a similar function like road maps. They provide direction and show you how to reach a particular destination. One way to get results is plan ahead while living one day at a time. The goals, whether career or academic, need to be stated. They also have to be achievable, measurable, and realistic taking into account the time the student has available. According to Curran and Reivich (2011), "Goals that are measurable allow students to track progress, recognize successes, and develop strategies for dealing with setbacks and failures" (p. 36-37). In setting goals, a thought process with a question-answer perspective needs to be employed. First, the students should ask what his or her long-term goals are. Once you determine your long term goals, the next step is to consider the present and decide what should be done at the moment. These are in essence the short term goals. The student should then create a written plan to determine how to achieve these goals. Written plans help you stay committed and motivated by bringing together all your thoughts and ideas so you can review all of them on a regular basis (Jay 2011). Again, goals are like road maps; they provide a visual of where you are and how far you have to go to accomplish them.Time-management is another important skill that students should have for successful college study. The critical steps in taking control of time is...

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