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"Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention". Evaluate This Statement In Relation To Scientific And Technological Experimentation.

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This research topic "necessity is the mother of invention. Evaluate this statement in relation to scientific and technological experiment." was chosen for studying in the area of informatics study. However, the research topic was seemed to be in the philosophical term to understand the basic need of technology more than the informatics subject, which deals with creating and developing of computer study. So that this topic needed past experience and historical background to be evaluated, but didn't need much in education background because the topic wasn't related to the theory or language of computer study. The topic in this area was very interested for future study because it could helps in understanding and forecasting the need of society need when developing or creating new technology or inventions which lead to the success in business. These are the fact of this chosen topic.

The analysis of the research topic
The research question is "Necessity is the mother of invention. Evaluate this statement in relation to scientific and technological experimentation". The key words that show the content of the question are "Necessity is the mother of invention". The relationship of this question is to show the relation between necessity and invention that necessity is the cause of the invention or not. The requirement of the question is to prove the relationship between necessity and invention by evaluates the statement according to scientific and technological experiment. The proposes of the thesis are to show that to what extent does necessity be the mother of invention and to evaluate according to scientific and technological experimentation. Three areas were analyzed during the study. These three areas, which are communication, industry, and medicine, were studied in the area that involve in scientific and technological experimentation. The communication was studied to understand its necessity and invention of the present. The industry was studied to analyze the situation of necessity in the economical competition, which lead to the use of invention. The medicine was studied to show why it is very necessary to human life and what are the alternative inventions that come after. So all evidences were collected to support the thesis of the research question and its purposes that the study defends an argument on the proving of the necessity that lead to the invention. The diagram on the next page shows the structure of the analysis of the research topic.

Data Collection

The Research Method
The research was carried out in three steps. The first step was to understand the research topic by searching for definition, background history, and general information from the source books and journal articles. Then all the information was evaluated to find out which areas are mostly involved in the research topic and range, which is the scientific and technological experimentation. The second step...

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