Necessity Of Developing Bio Energy As A Future Energy

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What if energy resources on earth completely depleted? It is hard to even imagine society running without energy as it is essential part of modern society. There are variety energies being used or being developed for use. Fossil fuel, coal mining, wind power, solar energy, bio energy and atomic energy are the energy resources that are especially getting spotlight. Among them, fossil fuel is the most commonly used energy resource in human society. However, as fossil fuel is limited and being depleted, developing alternative energies has become an issue of concern. Bio energy, which is available from biomass, can be an outstanding alternative energy. Some people argue that bio energy development is undesirable as it cause environmental problem, food insecurity and has low energy efficiency. However, bio energy should be developed constantly as it is sustainable, it have relative advantage and the defects are surmountable.
Firstly, Bio energy is sustainable. First of all, sources of bio energy are renewable. Biomass, which is the source of bio energy, is unlimited. It is produced using agricultural waste and residues. Unlike oil, gas and coal, plant and animal materials can be easily regenerated. Therefore, it is inexhaustible and renewable as long as we produce, buy and eat foods. Also, it is environment-friendly. Not only bio energy is produced in environmentally safe way, but also utilized in that way. Plants for biomass can absorb CO2 released during utilizing process. Although there can be side effects of deforestation and overharvesting, they can be avoided with rigorous regulation of governments. Furthermore, use of bio energy does not have conflicting interests with the health of humanity. Inhaling the gas of fossil fuels can harm people's health, making the use of these energies dangerous. However, using bio energy is healthy, therefore also sustainable for humanity.
Secondly, bio energy is in relative dominance over other energies in many aspects. Most of all, it does not have the risks of physical diseases unlike nuclear energy. Using nuclear energy is so dangerous that there have been several serious atomic power plant accidents over the world....

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