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Necessity Of The Change In English Spelling Rules

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English is a tool for communication between people who don’t use the same language. It is widely learned as a second language and many countries and world organizations use English as an official language. This is the reason why many people try to learn English, but unfortunately, mastering English is almost impossible. Because English doesn’t have standardized spelling rules, many people who try to learn English, including the people who use English as a mother tongue, are suffering for spelling. Because of this circumstance, the debate whether or not English spelling rules should be standardized and reformed has been popular recently. In “Use Your Own Words,” published by Wired ...view middle of the document...

Based on these sources, I think that English spelling rules should be updated and reinforced.
There are some people who believe the change of English spelling rules is natural and normal and it should be done. According to “Use Your Own Words,” before the advent of print, there were no dictionaries to check for “proper” spelling. Most words were spelled several different ways. For example, there were at least 114 variants of through. Anne Trubek, the writer, states that spelling rules are historically new and aren’t permanent. She also says that the technology is speeding the adoption of more informal forms of communication, so we need a new set of tools that recognize more varied, if not, the distinction between the oral and the written is only going to become more blurry. In “A Case for and Against Proper Spelling,” Anne Trubek argues, “We should evolve our rules about what's proper and improper along with the changes that are happening right now with the language.” She mentions again that we didn’t have dictionaries and there were many variations. Also, she contends that we can have the history and new variations by listing many spellings, many ways to spell a word, on a definitive dictionary of the English language. According to given Masha’s explanation in “Why English Spelling Should Be Updated,” English spelling is too difficult, because English often spells identical sounds in several different ways and At least 3500 common words do not follow the 90 basic English spelling patterns. She argues that English spelling should be updated and the updating a spelling system can make it much easier to learn. Also, she explains the necessity of updating a spelling system with the case of other languages. In the last century, Sweden updated its spelling rules. Danish spelling is still as Swedish used to be before it was reformed. Swedish spellers always are near the top in all in international comparisons on standards of literacy, Danish spellers near the bottom. In a Journal of “The Simplified Spelling Society,” Justin B Rye, the writer, replies against 13 objections to the spelling reform. According to Justin, English had never been stayed as same as the first. English has been changed. English is already overloaded with silent letters, so making a new alphabet can make English more simplified. Also, if we change a spelling rule, it will be slow, so we will have plenty of time to preserve traditions. A video “History of English Writing” shows the historic contributions of writing systems, including Cuneiform, Hieroglyphics, Ugaritic, Phoenician, Greek, Latin, Old English, Middle English, and Modern English. Also, it says the technology influences on English spelling and introduces new words. At the end of the video, it says “HU Noes h0w Engl15h wil ch@nge in the fuTur?” The video tells that English has been changed and English is being changed now.
On the other hand, there are some people who believe English spelling cannot...

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