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Necessity Of The Incarnation Essay

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Jesus, the Son of God, became Incarnate. We are the reason for the necessity of the Incarnation. Jesus had to be human for our salvation. We know that He is truly our savior. His Incarnation, suffering, death, and Resurrection was for all of us. Jesus came to save us from our sins and evilness, and to guide us back to the Godhead.
In the beginning the Word created everything. After creation, humans were holy, and in harmony with God. One action, Original Sin, ended that holiness, and harmony harmony and God created many consequences.Of these consequences, death was the most prominent consequence. We do “not just die only, but remain in the state of death and of ...view middle of the document...

“But now He entered the world in a new way, stooping to our level in His love and Self-revealing to us” (Athanasius 8). When He became human Jesus stooped from His divine nature, but still was completely divine.
He stooped from His divine nature for several reasons. Jesus’s main mission on earth was to defeat death. In His divine nature He was not liable to death(Pohle February 7). So he had to take a form that was liable to death. The perfect form to take was the only one that need saving, human form. By taking human form Jesus could relate to us and help us understand how to live(Pohle February 7). By becoming human He renewed His image in humanity. Also when he took human form, His divine nature could seen through his words and actions, mainly miracles. Jesus shared in everything humanity but sin(Pohle February 7). Because He didn’t sin, He died sinless to defeat death and pay the ransom for us.
The Gentiles question the Incarnation. “First of all, what is there in our belief that is unfitting or ridiculous? Is it only that we say that the Word has been manifested in a body?” (Athanasius). They question the reason that Jesus came in human form.
Jesus came in human for for many reasons. “If it is right and fitting that He reveal Himself, and thus show his power, throughout the entire universe then why not through humanity, which is a part of the universe” (Pohle February 24). Another reason is that Jesus Christ, the Word, created everything out of nothing as humanity was too. Only humanity that had strayed from its original holiness. “God didn’t come to make a display” as a nobler creation like the sun, moon, or stars. (Pohle February 24). Because Jesus came in form we could recognize that He was Lord. His coming in human form was his way of coming in a way that we could compare and understand. Sin and evil are an internal quality of humanity. So therefore our
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savior needed to come as a human.
Jesus is truly our savior. “Their unbelief has its refutation in the Scriptures which even themselves[Jews] read; for from cover to cover the inspired Book clearly teaches these things [prophecies of Jesus] both in its entirety...

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