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Nectar In A Sieve Essay

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Nectar in a Sieve
Nectar in a Sieve is a story if a Hindu family in a rural village in India. The family members are Rukmani (mother), Nathan (father), Ira (daughter), Arjun (son), Thambi (son), Muragan (son), Raja (son), Selvam (son), and Kuti (son) .The family failed to release itself from poverty caused by hardship of nature and economics. This poverty forced the only daughter, Ira, into prostitution and caused their three sons, Arjun, Thambi, and Muragan, to leave the village to seek for employment. It wasn't easy for Rukmani's family to make a living on the farm because of all the monsoons and drought. There were times where they had to starve because there wasn't enough food. With very little to eat Kuti and Raja died of starvation.

        The most admirable character in this book is Rukmani. She never gave up on anything or anyone. I admired how she would do anything just to keep her and her family alive and together. For example, she stashed some food away then divided the food into 24 portions so that they would able to eat for 24 more days. Even though they suffered a lot they survived with Rukmani's help, encouragement, and intelligence. If it wasn't for Rukmani, they would have died of starvation.

        I've learned many interesting things from reading this book. I learned that in India, Hinduism is the dominant religion. Hindus have many festivals; one of the festivals is Deepavali or Festival of Lights. In India,...

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