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Having a dog can be a great experience for people who enjoy their company. These animals are usually friendly and active; they are intelligent and can develop a strong relationship with their owners based in love and care. However, having dogs is a big responsibility for the person who owns it, because they are animals, so they cannot support themselves. Dogs need someone who can feed them, give them love, and someone who can make them exercise. Moreover, these animals need big spaces in order to run and develop their muscles, so the owner has to know that he needs to take a walk with the dog several times a day. Dog parks are a great place to take the dogs because it provides a space where they do not have to be with leash every time, while they can interact with other animals of their specie in a pet-friendly environment. Every city in the country should have at least one of these places, in order to help their inhabitants with their pets and because it is a good part of the life in community.
A few days ago, while walking my dog, I decided to run with him but with the leash in my hand, so that way he could be free to stop and sniff wherever he wanted. This experience was very good for the dog because he was not tied to the limits that I provided, but he was always by my side running. A couple of minutes after being “free” a policeman showed up. To my surprise he was upset with me and said that having a dog without control was a big misdemeanor. Then, he proceed to take my information and gave me a citation to the Municipal Court of The Colony, while my dog was still trying to sniff around, like nothing different was happening. Afterwards, I looked for places or parks that were dog-friendly in order to take my dog, and that way were not worry about his freedom and leash. However, the city of The Colony was not in the list of cities that have facilities for dogs and pets, so the question that popped out was why the city fines people who have their dogs without leash, if it had not provided any type of place or space to help dog owners.
Dogs are creatures that need the time and the space to be outside doing exercise, moving, and playing, is part of their nature and the way they are. Humans beings have gave dogs a new form of life, because they have adapted their behaviors to integrated them in the society and have changed their cycles in order to be productive and better friends, and at the same time to keep the dog in fit. Some of these forms of maintain the dog...

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