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There has been a great deal of attention given by individuals, the media and by the government to Health Education. There is no doubt that a population which is “health literate” is significant for the sake of the “public health as a whole and consequently for public finances”(Tappe 2013) (Younghee 2013) Many countries including the U.S. have realized just how vitally this issues has become. (Younghee 2013) Sadly however, the ability understand basic health information, with or without health education, as well as access and process the services is only possessed by “50%”of the American public, resulting in the escalation or health care costs as well as poor decision making regarding health care. (Mancuso 2011) Yet the fact is that over the years at local, state, and institutional levels, health educators have been very successfully advocating to influence smoking regulations, child safety seat policies, nutrition policies, and many other health policies and regulations still a stunning “98.0%” of them report “barriers to policy activity”. (Bliss 2013)

I don’t feel the Health Education issue is a government issue, however, I believe it has become one. Obesity, for example, even with all that has been studied on this issue little is actually known regarding the true underlying predictors.( Flores) And the quantity of consumers probing for health information on the Internet is extraordinary, still the proportion of users who can actually appraise the precision and dependability of the assimilated information is very small which represents a potential threat to general health. (Younghee 2013)The issue is also compounded by the fact that State and local laws and regulations for ample school health education fluctuate broadly among states as well as within states. (Tappe 2013) Considering these issues, I feel that not only does the government at all levels need to be involved in some way but that the U.S. adult population as a whole should be involved in order to help better secure the health of future generations.

This is a problem where, nationwide, communities are facing having to make improvements.( Pratt) The fact is “deficiencies in health literacy may be quiet and hidden” (Tappe 2013)Research is also revealing that there are also more than behavioral issues to contend with. There is a need for responsibility on the part of individuals to make decisions in health issues. Individuals need the skills to not only comprehend health information they need to know how to properly access it. People need to realize that to be health literate they need to pursue the knowledge how to obtain, understanding and act on health education information to properly promote and maintain better health. They also need to realize their ability to do so carries both individual as well as societal implications. (Tappe 2013) This will require a multi faceted approach to begin to fix the issue. This needs to be approached with not only with a preventative focuses but...

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