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Demand Of Hybrid Car In Malaysia

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Demand for hybrid cars in MalaysiaA hybrid car is actually a car that runs in two fuel sources. Differentiation a hybrid car from a conventional car is that a hybrid car contains two engines which are traditional gasoline engine and an electric motor and batteries. The concept of the two engines is the car uses a traditional gasoline engine, as well as electricity derived from special batteries to drive the car. The batteries of the hybrid car do not need to be plugged in to recharge like an electric car. As it will charged while the car running or while the car is braking. The two engines are work together to cut down fuel consumption. It is able to cut down the fuel usage by more than half with using this technology.Hybrid cars are still not so popular before year 1997. It had aware by the consumers only after Japan released Toyota Prius and Honda Insight in 1997 and brought it to United States (US) in 1999. Toyota introduced the first hybrid car and the top-ranked sales of hybrid cars are Toyota Prius which sold in over 70 religions and had sales of more than 2 million units to the date of September 2010.Annual worldwide sales of the Prius to September 2010. Data: TMC.US leading the largest market of hybrid cars in the world, they have started its hybrid cars market since 1999. (Christie Schweinsberg, 2011). California is the biggest hybrid cars market in US (Source: Detroit News, 2011).However, hybrid cars have only been in Malaysia market for a very short period of time. Hybrid cars are not so popular in current stage, but are in a growing trends and beginning to expand. Since the fuel price is keep rising and it is no doubt that heightened awareness of hybrid cars among consumers and therefore people will try to find some alternatives fuel sources and have more interest toward hybrid cars. The reasons that consumers consider to buy hybrid car are mainly due to it is the most fuel-efficient car in the market and it is environment friendly. Hybrid technology is considered as a promising technology by the National Energy Policy Report (2001) due to its improved fuel economy and reduced emissions; it can summarize that demand for hybrid cars should be increased to achieve economies of scale, thus bringing the cost of hybrid cars down (Arie Beresream & Shanjun Li). As hybrids are a small but growing component of the vehicle fleet, and may be an important component of a national strategy to deal with climate or energy security, it is vital to know what influences consumers' decisions to buy hybrids rather than conventional cars (Garth Heutel & Erich Muehlegger, 2010)As the fuel prices seem to be going up all the time, the major concern of the consumers when come to purchase a car is the car must be fuel-efficient. This is the time that they need to think of whether to purchase a hybrid car or a conventional car. According to the US Department of Energy, hybrid car can be effectively in save fuel and can get up to 40 to 70 miles per...

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