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Assessment 2: Analysis of Cases - Business SectorThe following analytical report of the Becton and Dickinson Needle Stick case will be derived from perspective of the business sector of the BSP triangle.The case discusses that there is a need in the healthcare market for a new design of syringe that is safer for healthcare workers due to an increasing number of needle stick injuries that can be life threatening and very costly to the employers of these workers. At the time of this crisis Becton and Dickinson manufactured about 70 percent of syringes and needles used by healthcare workers in the U.S, making them the market leaders. They had grown and established themselves to be the largest suppliers of syringes and needles and for the company to offer a new design in the early 1980's would mean a major overhaul and reengineer of products, and also including retooling and marketing investments they would be forced to outlay quite a large portion of capital, not to mention that a new product will mean competition and decreased sales of their earlier leading product. Therefore Becton and Dickinson decided against developing a new safer design of needles and syringes at this time. From a business point of view this decision that the company made was most appropriate, acting in its best interest which is to build and retain profits.In 1986 a new syringe design was developed by Norma Sampson which allowed the user to pull down a cover over the needle protecting people from needle stick injuries. Becton and Dickinson purchased the exclusive rights to manufacture this new design of syringe. This design was the most effective at the time for protecting users from needle sticks and by purchasing the exclusive rights to manufacture it meant that no other company could use the same design when thinking about supplying healthcare workers with the wanted and needed product of safety syringes, eliminating any possible competition.After various testing and manufacturing of the new design Becton and Dickinson launched the product under the name Safety-Lok Syringe in only the 3cc size syringe, which did actually account for about half of all syringes used by healthcare workers. The possible reason for not manufacturing the Safety-Lok Syringe across the range of syringes could be so that Becton and Dickinson did not want to compete with their own original leading products and push them out, as they were still manufacturing them in the 5cc and 10cc size. The Safety-Lok Syringes were priced and sold to doctors and hospitals for between 50 and 75 cents and then in 1991 the price was dropped to 26 cents which is fair enough, with any new one of a kind product that is in high demand, at the start of its life the price can be set high to get a quicker return on investment and achieve the highest possible profits, then once that investment has been returned and then the company can afford to drop the price it will do so and try to sell more volume.In 1992 the OHSA and FDA...

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