Needs Assessment For Quality Improvement Essay

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Needs Assessment for Quality Improvement

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Quality Management and Productivity MGT/449


The mortgage loan process requires attention and precision to ensure that mistakes are not made. Quality management tools are used to ensure that high quality products or services are delivered to the organizations customers. All processes within the organization are directly related to the organizations strategic plan. Internal and external customers are directly affected by the processes implemented by the organization. The simulation was challenging while very informative.

Needs Assessment for Quality Improvement

As-Is flow chart allows any process to be analyzed to ensure the quality of the process and areas for improvement. Having a through process analysis in place allows the organizations strategic plan to be implemented properly. An effective process benefits internal and external customers to benefit from the quality aspects of the process. Quality management tools are used to collect and present data on items included in the process that need to be improved. The quality management assessment allows for other perspectives on continuous process improvement within any given organization. The quality management tools and techniques used within the selected organization to improve the selected process will be dissected and analyzed to illustrate the improvements that can and will be made.

The process of originating a mortgage loan is a difficult process that involves a high level of awareness and attention to detail to ensure the quality of the service provided. The loan process starts with the marketing department initiating mortgage loans with the use of advertisements. After a customer is generated, the loan representative starts the process. Loan documents are mailed along with a list of documents the customers have to return. In most cases, this basic process is done 10 times before a customer returns the documents necessary for a loan to move forward. Once the loan representative obtains all signed documents and all supporting documents, the file is stacked in the proper order and submitted into the processing departments in box. The processing department takes each file and orders appraisal, payoffs, title work, verifications of employment (VOE), verifications of mortgage (VOM), verifications of deposits (VOD), and submits the file on the desktop underwriting system to ensure the loan applicant qualifies for the loan. Once the stipulation sheet and all other items that were ordered are returned the file is then submitted to the underwriting department. The underwriting department is responsible for clearing the stipulations on the loan, preparing the final loan documents and making sure there are no errors in any of the documents that the customer signs at the closing table. After the...

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