Negative Affects On Terrorism Essay

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Unity within diversity, does the whole world only see a tolerant, ethno cultural country that thrives on diversity? Metaphorically, Canada can be described as a coin because of the different appearance viewed on both sides. Canada is undeniably a racially and ethno culturally diverse society that is composed of individuals and groups who are different in terms of their physical appearance, language, and culture. One could easily say that Canada is unique, however, unique does not always prosper for the best. In fact, there are severe growing problems domestically in Canada. Having a government that flourishes on many identities brings much work to stabilize a unified government that is constantly trying to better their country. As well, much work must be accomplished to attend to all different ethnic backgrounds needs since there is no hierarchy culture. Consequently, multiculturalism has deprived Canada of having a national identity due to the blending of all cultures. It can definitely be viewed as a mistake on behalf of the Canadian government to encourage multiculturalism from the beginning. Not only is Canada suffering from a lack of national identity, but also they have almost lost a province because of multiculturalism. Nevertheless, after a culture shock in 1995 when Quebec underwent a referendum to depart from Canada (partially because of cultural dissatisfaction) the Canadian government still relates itself with multicultural ties with Quebec. Although Canada has many ethnic backgrounds, it is evident that ethnic relations don't always grow like the metaphor "cultural mosaic" tends to represent. Not having one distinct culture in Canada makes many minorities feel that they are in constant competition with each other and must compete in order to succeed. As a result cultural prejudices and discriminations can break out due to the high tension within certain cultures. The most discriminated group in Canadian history is the Indians due to the discrimination that exists; it has lead to hatred between many groups, and can even lead to worse things, such as terrorism. In today's society not only is everyone affected by terrorism, but also Canadians could be near it without even acknowledging it. Canada could be a gateway entrance for terrorism because of their lenient policies for immigration. Since Canada is a land of immigrants, it is evident that terrorism is a major flaw in the country. Multiculturalism is an ideology of the past, which negatively affects Canada today.
In Canada, multiculturalism was formally established on October 8th 1971 when Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau rose in the House of Commons to announce the government's support for a policy of multiculturalism. Consequently, it appears that Trudeau's thoughts did not consider the problems that multiculturalism might bring into today's world and the world of the future. Multiculturalism seems to disregard the distinct thought of having a national identity and having nationalism...

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