Negative And Positive Effects Of Computers And The Internet To Its Users

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Computers. The internet. These are both words that I hear multiple times throughout a normal day, and in fact even use frequently, as I am sure that a decent amount of other people do so also. If you watch television, you will see a lot of computer advertisements from all different companies. There are advertisements for different internet companies, prices and quality all varying too. In our world these two technologies update and improve constantly. To keep up with the pace that it grows, it’s even necessary to upgrade to a better computer every few years. It is because of my familiarity with these two products that when I came across the word “technology” it was the first thing that I thought of. People of all ages today rely on computers and the internet a lot, which leads to the question: what are the bad and good effects of the computer and internet on its users? Are both of these products more helpful or harmful to people?
It was around the 1970’s that personal computers became popular (also called PC for short). Companies such as Apple and IBM manufactured bulky computers at this time, but they were not easily used and also were expensive. Eventually as the prices of computers went down and they were improved to be used more easily, they became more popular. This is when computers even started being added to classrooms to assist in teaching students (McCormick 19-21). Soon after the public use of the internet began to expand so it was not used for strictly military purposes. Computers and the internet were a gateway to whole new digital world, where information could be accessible with the strokes of some keys at the tips of your fingers. This new unknown world was something that the public was ready and excited to explore, thus its popularity even up to today.
The internet is something that has grown into a much larger product than I am sure that was initially expected. Today, the internet can be used to do online schooling and receive either or both a homeschooled high school diploma or even a college degree. The internet has created jobs, making it possible for stay at home moms have part time jobs online. You can shop online, pay bills online, find almost any answer to a question through using a search engine, make new friends online, watch television or movies online, and it’s even possible to meet your future spouse online. This is not even a complete list of what the internet has let us do. Basically if you want to do something, the internet probably can help you. The internet gives us freedom, and most people like freedom. This leads me to my first negative effect of the internet on its users: internet addiction.
Internet addiction can be described as having an unpleasant feeling when the user is not online (Morgan, and Cotten 135). Why are some people addicted to the internet? Well, when used for entertainment you can easily compare it to a television (Kraut, Patterson, Lundmark, Kiesler, Mukophadhyay, and Scherlis). The...

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