Negative And Positive Impacts Of Ednovation In India Berkley's University Assignment

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An Assessment of Ednovation’s Impact on India and Recommendations of Approaches to Undertake to Achieve Corporate Social Responsibility
Prepared By:
Francesca Yang Zhi Xin
Prepared for:
Ms Sandra Toh
Date of Submission:
8 December 2017
1.0 Introduction
Ednovation is a multimedia education technology developer, which is also well recognized as a pre-school brand with 30 operations in South East Asia. Initially faced with obstacles that hindered their expansion into China, Ednovation relaunched their brand which later proved to be a huge success. Ednovation is looking to expand into India to tap on the rising affluent market there.
This report evaluates the impacts of Ednovation on India’s society. Firstly, it analyses a feasible positive impact on India’s education standards. Secondly, it discusses the plausible negative impact of Ednovation’s daily operational activities on the energy consumption issue in India. Henceforth, the report then describes two measures that Ednovation can take to heighten it’s positive impact and to alleviate it’s negative impact in order to achieve Corporate Social Responsibility as a whole.
However, this report is limited by the lack of primary research as findings are merely supported from articles and websites of authorities through secondary research.
2.0 Findings and Discussions
2.1 Raise Education Standards Using Technology
Ednovation’s immense use of technology promotes innovative learning for children which helps to elevate education levels in the country. EdnoLand, a franchise of Ednovation, has a comprehensive online curriculum that employs technology to develop a child’s multiple intelligences and language skills. (Ednovation, n.d.) A similar business example in India is, Hippocampus Learning Center, a pre-school that provides tablets for children to watch educational videos and play informative games. Success is proven with 85% of children being able to read and write simple sentences in English and compute single digit math operations. (Ganguly, 2017) Similarly, Ednovation’s programs are likely to effectively impart language and skills. In fact, early childhood education has a huge influence on the development of cognitive and social skills, as well as brain architecture and neurochemistry. It is proven that children who undergo well designed and executed programs are more successful in school and life after school. (Lynch and Vaghul, 2015) In the long run, Ednovation’s cutting edge technology and modernization will be able to transform education in the country and in turn bring up an intelligent and capable generation.
2.2 Aggravation of Energy Deficit in India
Ednovation’s operational activities and especially the use of technology will undeniably result in an insurmountable amount of energy consumption. Research has shown that energy consumption of schools and pre-schools is high and have an apparent impact on energy consumption of communities. For example, the annual energy bill...

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