Negative Argument On The Green Movement

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Since the start of civilization, people have created large amounts of waste. It was during the prime of the Roman Empire that people began to worry about where all of this waste was going, and how it damaged the environment (ProQuest Staff). This was the birth of the Green Movement, which is the pursuit of methods to positively impact the environment. According to A Rubbish Map, “the world’s cities currently generate around 1.3 billion tonnes of [municipal solid waste] a year”. This information shows that there is still a very significant negative impact on the environment from human activity in spite of the recent advance of the green movement. Along with this fact of excessive waste still ...view middle of the document...

While it may be difficult for a person to reduce their total output of waste, recycling allows one to reduce the total amount of their waste that actually reaches landfills. The amount of non recycled waste produced by some nations on their own, however, is staggering. France, a nation that does not even reach the top twenty nations ranked by environmental impact, produces an average of 90,493 tons of municipal solid waste every day. In this country, only twelve percent of waste is reused or recycled, placing 79,364 tons of waste in landfills a day. France does not even reach the top twenty nations in terms of negative environmental impact. Mexico, still only number six of the top twenty nations in terms of negative impact, recycles only three percent of its total municipal waste. It is commonplace around the world for nations to recycle only near to ten percent of their solid waste output (What a Waste; A Global Review of Solid Waste Management).
Beyond an individual’s will to live green, governments around the world have acted in ways that restrict the ability of their citizens to live in a way that positively affects the environment. In Pervouralsk, the Russian Federation, a man named Stepan Chornogubov was beat unconscious and threatened with charges by three police officers for trying to measure pollution from a Soviet-era chromium plant (Englund). The role of government is to “create and enforce the policy by which a ... society lives” (Government). Under this definition, any citizen of any nation is limited in their ability to live a positive lifestyle if their government wishes to increase or stabilize their industrialization. Based on these facts and incidents, one can see that there is not enough effort on the part of individuals or government entities around the world to make a positive difference for the environment.
According to the most current information, the green movement is not successful because there is not enough global effort for small, voluntary acts to make a positive difference. It is the amount of waste that is still being output, the lack of recycling that is actually being undertaken, and the interests of an individual’s government that is limiting the...

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