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Negative Aspects Of Single Sex Schools

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Single sex schools is concerned about changing the classrooms to single gendered ones. This topic is important because it deals with the development of the country and the educational system. There are various arguments about single sex schools as being either supportive to it or against segregating the two genders from each other. Single sex schools increases distraction, does not obtain equal academic outcomes and affects social life.

Firstly, supporters of the idea of single sex schools believe that it provides better educational environment. They claim so as the presence of both genders in one classroom creates distraction due to the physical and emotional problems. However, the presence of only one gender can also create distraction due to the change in some physical and emotional states of students. As cited in Boyd (2014) that by grouping students from only single sex, the most important elements of true education is lost. Even Aggression and violence also increased distraction in single-sex classes. Aggression and violence increased recently for boys with outstanding rates in single sex schools. In case of girls, they keep on chatting with each other in single-sex classrooms, but when the boys are around, their rate of chatting decreases because they are shy sometimes from the other gender. Even the presence of girls with boys can limit the aggression and violence between them. . As cited in Fergus and Noguera (2010) that violence and aggression leads to the worst racist stereotypes. Violence issue for boys can trigger something further more complicated and dangerous like racism and stereotyping between the students. In addition to the competition between the two genders in educational tasks forces them to work together and interact which facilitates the communication in the future.

Secondly , proponents claim that single sex schools improves the student’s academic performance by the statistics of the grades that were compared with grades of non-separated classes with the two genders. However, as cited in the study authors, there is evidence that single sex schools have the same co-educational outcomes. This large scaled reviews in Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand found little difference between the two methods of teaching. While the report about the students and the graduates shows that the profit of learning in an environment which is competitive and collaborative spirits are expected. In addition to the research in the development of psychology...

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