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Stress is everywhere. It is at school, at home, at work, and even with friends. Whether external forces and or internal conflict cause it, much of the time, stress has a negative impact on a person and needs to be managed. However, there are times when it can have a positive effect, such as improving productivity. Creating a balance in one’s life is the key to leading a healthy and productive lifestyle. If the balance is not present, there can be negative consequences
physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Stress is pressure or tension exerted on a material object. (“Stress”) Stress can be caused by situations that make someone feel pressured, ...view middle of the document...

Chronic stress can destroy almost every system in your body. ("Stress") In 2007, forty- three percent of adults suffered health effects from stress. (Bressert, S) Too much physical stress can have many negative consequences.

Emotional stress usually happens when one feels challenged in a situation. ("Stress") One is always thinking about how other will feel when they make a decision and how they will feel and which one is more important.Stress can affect your mood. Psychologist Connie Lillas gives two of the most common responses people have when they are stressed out. The first is an angry response, which means that you are heated and overly emotional. The second response is a depressed stress response, which means you want to shut down or pull away, and that you are running low on emotional energy. There also happens to be emotional stress symptoms, some of which are constantly feeling overwhelmed, short temper, general unhappiness, and the inability to relax. ("Stress and it's impacts") It is very hard to be emotionally stressed because your body and mind never let you take a minute to sit down and relax. The emotionally stressed individual is always making lists and constantly thinking about what they should be doing.
Stress, in general, is not good for people; however, mental stress can cause multiple issues for a person. Symptoms of mental stress can be constantly seeing the negative, lack of judgment, memory problems, and anxious thoughts. A constant state of mental stress can lead to serious mental disorders. ("Stress") Mental stress can be caused by too many events all happening at once Additionally, when a person constantly thinks that he or she needs to attend all of the events or feels the need to do something for each one, mental stress takes over. "In 2004, one in every four people said that they have taken a "mental health day" as a result of mental stress." (Bressert, S). Mental stress can be very damaging to someone’s life if he or she does not know how to cope with the stress.

Positive stress is a necessary aspect of healthy lifestyle that can help work on relationships, a better life, and the passion one has to go above and beyond limits. ("Positive Stress") “Some amounts of stress are good to push you just to the level of optimal alertness, behavioral and cognitive. ("Why some stress is good for you")The response to stress can be very positive for one in their life. It can help you achieve goals and rise to meet challenges. Statistics have shown that people perform better under pressure. Positive stress can motivate you to keep on going or positive stress can help you make the...

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