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Negative Impact Of Animals Essay

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Parasitism is a dangerous problem that causes diseases in animals. Over time, the most successful parasites are the protozoa, the helminthes, and some of the arthropods (Olsen 1962). These parasites were successful because they move from one host to the next, and some of these parasites, such as the arthropods, feed on blood and tissues in animals and humans, and deprive nutrients from their host. Often this loss of nutrients will result in severe internal organ bleeding for the host. For example, “When parasites, such as hookworms in man or trichostrongyles in cattle and sheep, affect the entire population, the effect of the disease is masked and often not recognized…the injections of these parasites results in great loss of blood through bleeding into the intestine.” Moreover, parasites infect their host leaving an escape route for bacteria and diseases to spread. These diseases can be contagious to humans, therefore animals harm the ecosystem by spreading bacteria and pathogens. According to Baucom and de Roode (2011), tolerance or resistant mechanisms in animals can reduce the growth of parasites. Diseases and bacteria are not the only problems with animals. As the human population increases, animals and humans come in conflict with one another because space and food are limited. To prevent overcrowding, many species are aggressive and developed mechanism to defend their available habitats (Golley 1962). Animals can create major problems because they spread diseases to humans and threatened their lifestyle.
To begin with, animals bring harms to humans by transmitting diseases and bacteria. Diseases mainly come from bacteria and harmful parasites. Though some parasites are beneficial to their hosts, many others may harm their host. Parasites are very common among animals, mainly because their system does not function as well as the human body. According to Baucom and de Roode’s (2011), humans can reduce the growth of harmful parasites due to the fact that they have resistant mechanism such as tolerance. Since tolerance increases the prevalence of parasites, researchers suggested that resistance will reduce the negative fitness of parasites. Animals do not have resistance to help them reduce the growth of parasites.
Parasites can cause people or animals to behave negatively in a way that the hosts have no control over themselves because the nature of parasites is to move from one host to the next successfully (Olsen, 1962). They also feed on the blood and tissues of their hosts such as tapeworms in humans, or bloodsucking arthropods. In other words, the effect of parasites often leads to the death of the host and by killing its host the parasites can easily transmit other unknown diseases. Several diseases that parasites have transmitted are malaria, common liver fluke in sheep, and salmonella in animals. These parasites continue to align certain organs in animals and slowly killing them to stop their transmissible...

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