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Negative Effect Of Media On Individuals

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There are two ways that social media can affect us personally. The first of those
two ways is by affecting the physical health of the user.
1. Social media promotes weight gain. Sitting in front of a computer screen,
or looking at your phone all day, limits the amount of time that could be used
to exercise or do something physically active.
a. According to my class survey, more than three-fourths of the class spends around two to two and a half hours per day using social media.
A lot of this time could be reduced to provide an opportunity to do something physically active.
2. Social media also affects our sleeping patterns.
a. Your body’s natural cycle for falling asleep ...view middle of the document...

a. A study by Scott Frank, which was published and funded by the
Case Western Reserve School of Medicine, surveyed a variety of
students from a town in the Midwest. The results showed that avid
social media users, which are people that use social media more than
three hours per day, were much more likely to take part in unsafe
actions. The main cause of this is the constant uncensored exposure to
these types of behaviors found throughout social media.

(Transition) Now lets take a look at the second way social media can negatively affects us personally.

B. Social media can negatively impact us emotionally and mentally.
1. A UK study found that over 50% of social media users admitted it having a
negative impact on themselves and their self-esteem. We are constantly
comparing ourselves to things or people that we see on social media, so many times we develop an unrealistic idea of how we should look.
2. Another problem that social media has a big influence on is cyber-bullying.
a. Cyber-bullying allows bullies to hide behind a screen, so they never
see first hand how much they are emotionally affecting their victims.
b. A big example of how serious cyber-bullying can be is the case of
Tyler Clementi, a Rutgers student who committed suicide in 2010. CBS New York wrote on this tragedy and said, “Clementi committed suicide after he learned that two students recorded him on a webcam kissing another man and invited others to watch the stream” (CBS New York).

II. Along with the personal impacts, social media also affects us socially in many ways.
A. The most obvious negative effect of social media on our social lives is how it impacts our relationships. People are now able to have actual relationships with people without even meeting or interacting with them in person. Social media allows us hide behind a screen and take on any character we desire. This takes away from our abilities to truly get to know someone.
1. Relationships based solely on interaction through social media are usually
destined for failure, but because of how convenient and easy it is to start a
relationship this way, we continually see these types of relationships today.
a. A great example of why being a part of a relationship like this is a bad idea is the popular TV show, Catfish. The show follows two
people who met over social media and eventually develop a
relationship, even though they have never met in person. The show
then sets up a meeting between the two and more times than not one
or both of the people are not who they say they are, which usually
leads to an end in the relationship.
b. Social media restricts the need of face-to-face interaction within the workplace as well. Having the ability to use this skill and communicate is a necessity for building relationships with co-workers.
(Transition) Going along with this subject of the workplace,
2. Social media can also have many negative effects in our lives...

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