Negative Effects From Technology Use On Teens

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Technology use was on the rise but has shown a significant increased rate in recent years. Technology was a beneficial tool that was used on a daily basis. Technology industries had developed many devices like computers, laptops, smartphones, iPods, and many other devices that made technology easier to access from anywhere and anytime. Technology expanded every day and the usage increased which had an effect on society especially targeting teens. Teens abused the use of technology that caused them to have serious problems mentally and physically. Teens mainly focused on technology use and caused a social disconnection from the real world. Technology use has a negative effect on teens by causing health problems and social disconnection.
Teens used technology consuming excessive amounts of exercise time throughout the day that caused the physical health problem of obesity. Teens were physically active throughout the day before technology was fully exposed to teens. According to the article, Obesity in Children and Technology, Cespedes (2013) stated “The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that approximately 10 percent of preschool age children and 15 percent of 6- to 19-year olds, can be considered overweight. In addition to eating more processed, high calorie foods, active play has been supplanted by technology” (para.4). Teens would take more time outdoors riding bikes, playing at the parks, walking with friends, and swimming at indoor pools that caused them to burn calories while having fun. Most of technology today was at a sedentary state that replaced many of the outdoor activities with teens playing sport video games, using their smartphones, and browsing the internet on the computer or tablets for countless hours. Teens that were obese were at risk of developing long-lasting health conditions like Type II Diabetes, cardiac diseases, and hypertension in their adulthood.
Teens had many technological devices to choose for use but some of the devices caused body health problems. Teens that spent many hours in their computers suffered from aches throughout their body. Teens were arched bent most of the time while using a desktop computer that caused the body to have neck and back aches. Wrist aches were caused from repetitive motion from the mouse and keyboard or the way the body was operating in an uncomfortable way. The iPads caused neck pains because they were mostly laid on the laps of the person using the device.
Teens that spent many hours using technology devices caused physical eye health problems. The human eye was a very vital part of a teen body that was used every day but was destroyed by long hour computer sessions, video games, and television. According to the article, Teens and Technology, it stated “In December 2009, the National Eye Institute released a study showing that cases of myopia (nearsightedness) increased by 66 percent in the United States since 1971. The study speculates that a lack of...

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