Negative Effects Of Abortion On Women´S Health

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Negative effect of abortion on women’s health
he deliberate ending of a pregnancy
Abortion provides the chance for the mother to be able to decide whether she has a desire to keep her unborn. This act of ending a pregnancy has become very common and it is practiced all around the world, whether or not it is legal. Many questions this act as a crime, as a/the fact of taking control over one’s right of birth is unacceptable. Many religions believe that abortion is sinful and this aspect affects the people’s views on abortion. (1) Or no need to cite? But today, the support of abortion is increasing as there has been incontroversial situations where a woman is sexually assaulted and chooses not to keep the baby. While these cases have a small part of the unwanted pregnancy. There were 189,574 abortions performed in Britain in 2010, an 8% increase since 2000. (paraphrase) (4) The modern world has manipulated the people into feeling comfortable doing wrong things to feel right. They are unaware of the risks taken by killing an innocent unborn. Aborting a child may also cause various negative effects on the women on different levels such as physical, psychological and social.
One of the most common effects of abortion is on women’s physical health. Whether it is a medical abortion or surgical abortion, the obvious effects are infections, serious complications and sometimes, death “Misoprostol” is an abortion pill that is used by the majority of women. Nevertheless, they do not know the side effects of ingesting this. Researchers have found out that abortion pills can speed up the chances of having breast cancer. Calculations based on the available studies indicate that more than 46,800 women will develop breast cancer yearly in the United States due to contraceptive hormone exposure and more than 10,000 will die. (paraphrase) (Kahlenborn, 2000). Anesthetics can help to control pain and discomfort, but there are significant increase in complications. In a study of 10,000 abortions performed showed that the use of anesthetisia increase the risk of by 1.3 times, risk of hemorrhage by 4.6 times and risk of other complications by 16 times. (paraphrase) (3) The most frequent cause of death is hemorrhage. This surgical abortion does not completely remove the thickened uterus lining (endometrium) therefore, while healing from the surgery, the uterus may over shed blood and tissues. Hence, this process may lead to infection or hemorrhage and in some cases, both. This likeliness increases if the fetal tissue is not completely removed from the female’s body. (Goldman,Troisi & Rexrode 2012). Surgical abortion is a possible factor for permanent infertility.There is a possible link with damage a woman has experienced with a previous abortion. Foetal tissue left in the womb can rot, leading to infection and sterility.Perforation of the uterus can lead to removal of the uterus. (paraphrase) (5)
The termination of pregnancy also results in negative effects on...

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