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Negative Effects Of Energy Drinks Essay

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Stroll into any high school or college and one will definitely find energy drinks. Energy drinks are served in tall cans with garish designs and slogans designed to catch the attention of children and teenagers. But what are they? Commercials will tell people that just by drinking them, they can stay up all night, ace a test, score with a girl, and be happy. Some have even said to give you superpowers. According to the advertising campaigns, energy drinks are equivalent to omnipotence in a can. But are energy drinks all they claim to be? The simple answer is no. Often energy drinks turn out to be more than just sugar and caffeine which makes energy drinks dangerous. Energy drinks cause negative side effects, such as heart problems and obesity in young americans, and therefore should have a legal drinking age of 18.
Before you drink another energy drink, please take into consideration what some of the ingredients are. “The large amounts of sugar in energy drinks can lead to unnecessary spikes in blood sugar, dental health problems, and added weight gain.” (Readers digest editors 1). “Compare it to a popular soda and you’ll find that often energy drinks contain even more sugar than a regular soda.” (Readers digest editors 1). Just one can of Monster contains over 50 grams of sugar. That’s almost a quarter cup of sugar! Very many health risks can result from ingesting that much caffeine and sugar in just a short amount of time. People who often drink energy drinks regularly see a decrease in the amount of sleep they get every night, which has an immediate and detrimental impact on focus and overall health for them. Energy drinks contain obscene amounts of caffeine, sugar and chemicals. A can of normal soda, like Coke or Dr. Pepper, contains on average 30 to 40 mg. of caffeine. A simple can of Monster, on the other hand, contains 160 mg. of caffeine. A can of Rockstar on the other hand, contains 170 mg. of caffeine. Many energy drinks contain over double, and almost triple the amount of caffeine in a shot of espresso, which is (75 mg.). In addition to the sheer volume of caffeine, most energy drinks contain artificial stimulants like taurine and ginseng. “Kids who drink energy drinks are exposing themselves to the same high levels of caffeine and sugar than adults are. However, because they are growing, these dangers could have greater negative effects on their future health than adults.” (Readers digest 1). Consumers should be aware of the ingredients that are contained in energy drinks and make educated decisions on whether or not these beverages are the best choice for their bodies.
In the past decade, energy drinks have bursted into the marketplace. In 2006 alone, 500 new energy drinks were created. Energy drinks, that which typically contain large amounts of sugar and caffeine, are equally if not more dangerous to children. Even though the target market for energy drinks are young adults aged 18-35, teenagers are often consuming significant...

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