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Negative Effects Of Facebook In Romantic Relationships

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Many people like the social attention they can get just from being on social media and posting information about themselves up on social network sites (SNS). Some other people just get a Facebook account to feel more connected to their friends and to people in general. Sense of belongingness to an individual is an obvious psychological need, yet more so when a person is always working with little time for socializing and to get together with friends. With this in mind, tweeting on Twitter, posting our whereabouts last night on Facebook to provoke attention from friends and acquaintances, and mentioning relationship statuses and changes in it (single, in a relationship, its complicated, ...view middle of the document...

Of these 90 sampled stories, there were two specifically mentioned in this article of which both mentioned having experienced some sort of infidelity from their partner through Facebook messaging and texting.

Sample testimony 1: ‘‘I accidently stumbled across his messages on Facebook and I found out he had been conversating [sic] with a woman in Michigan telling her ‘good morning gorgeous, goodnight gorgeous, hope to talk to you soon’ and giving her his cell number!’’

Sample testimony 2: ‘‘When I sat down at our computer I noticed she had left her Facebook page open. To my bewilderment, I saw a message from an individual referring to her as ‘babe.’ Who would be calling my wife babe?"

The responses of the participants to this post clearly indicates that the respondents to this post considered their partners being unfaithful when flattering communication was had between their significant other and some other person of the opposite sex via Facebook text or messaging. At the end, these partners were cited to have broken up with their cheating partners (Cravens, Leckie & Whiting, 2013, P. 76).

Though we only get an idea of how Facebook texts/messaging affect romantic relationships, this next source gives more clarity into how such Facebook texting and messaging affect marriages. In a study by Clayton, Nagurney and Smith (2013), There was a statement cited by PRNewswire: “roughly 81 percent of the United States’ most elite divorce attorneys believe that SNS Facebook plays a role in divorce trials, the current study supports this belief” (Clayton, Nagurney and Smith, 2013, P). This study however reveals (N=205 individuals in total) that the relationships mostly affected (by divorce and breakups) by Facebook are ones that are three years or younger. Wedded couples that have been married longer are less likely to use Facebook since they are older and are less likely to be well tuned with social media as a younger generation is (Clayton, Nagurney and Smith, 2013, P. 3).

The above...

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