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Negative Effects Of Fast Food Consumption

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How many days a week do you have fast food? Once? Twice maybe? In the world we live in today it’s common to have fast foods three to five times a week. In school cafeterias, children are exposed to these kinds of meals everyday, increasing the chances for health consequences and cutting off space for their true performance. According to Oxford dictionaries, fast foods are defined as “easily prepared processed foods served in snack bars and restaurants as a quick meals or to be taken away.” This meaning may sound harmless but the truth is that everyday more and more kids are living the consequences of our poor nutritional system. Following, you’ll be presented a series of evidences that will expand your understanding of why fast foods should not be sold in school cafeterias.
Globally considered the #1 reason to ban fast food from schools stands serious health damages. On kids, junk food causes signs of sleepiness, aches and general malaise. But as time goes by and the habit only increases, their health is noticeably affected. With high fat, sodium and calorie content, as well as low nutritional value, it is impossible for a majority of the student population not to develop future health problems. Obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases, asthma, cancer and risk of death are what statistics have showed to be the effects of consuming fast foods. There is 0% chance that a meal containing previously presented nutritional value and possible health damage can be beneficial for humans, especially not kids, because the body can’t extract any nutrient from it. What is a person without health? A person suffering from severe damages do to garbage camouflaged as food? This reason by itself could be enough to ban fast foods from school cafeterias; anyhow, I find other reasons to be highly important too.
Fast food consumption can have negative effects on students’ behavior. Detrimental or aggressive conduct, poor academic performance, hyperactivity and learning disabilities are some of the results of feasting upon junk food. Due to deficiencies in the B vitamins, zinc, iron and proteins, it has been showed that kids who regularly ingest these meals may increase their aggressiveness levels. As stated in Jill Armayor’s article, “The Effects of Junk Food on Bad Behavior in Children”, children who have these nutritional deficiencies have 41% increase in aggressive behavior at the age of 8 years and at the age of 17, 51% of these kids exhibited violent and antisocial behavior. Junk food can be addictive and the brain can react to it the same way it does with any drug. Eating sugary foods, classified as fast foods as well, can increases hyperactivity in children in school hours. This can lead the child to an inability of paying attention and excelling on his or her performance; at the same time making the teaching and learning more difficult to the professor and the student himself.

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