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Negative Effects Of Global Warming On Earth

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Imagine longer summers, shorter winters, with no spring or fall in between. Well you don't have too, because it's happening right now. It will only take one more degree for spring and fall to be gone forever. This decade has been the warmest since 1880. Scientist say that the earth could be warmer by an additional 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit by the 21st century if we don’t reduce usage of burning fossil fuels. Climate change also adds additional risks to our food supplies scientists say they are already seeing the harmful effects in some regions. Polar ice melting would become another major affect of global warming if it isn’t stopped which could cause problems for many ...view middle of the document...

These are just some examples of the animals that are going to be affected by global warming there are many more animals endangered. Diseases are already affecting animals due to warmer climates, which is also a threat to humans certain human diseases, such as dengue, malaria and cholera, thrive in warmer temperatures, threatening much of the developing world. Many infectious diseases were once all but eliminated from the United States, there’s evidence that with climate change it could help them expand their range and return. Insects will become more capable to live longer with increased temperatures which make summers longer and create a threat to people living in those areas. Mosquitos are capable of carrying and transmitting diseases like Dengue Fever; they now live in 28 different states. It’s a problem on the global scale with subtropical insects having the opportunity to new regions which means the U.S. is at huge risk to become home to new diseases in all 50 states. There is prove that global warming effects life on Earth such as an epidemic of avian malaria that wiped out thousands of birds in Hawaii, the spread of an insect-borne pathogen that causes distemper in African lions, and the bleaching of coral reefs attacked by diseases that thrive in warming seas. Germs that hurt oysters are thriving in the warming water. Global warming is allowing disease to spread and cause damage to certain types of environments that weren’t possible before but in a matter of years it can target any environment you name it. Prepare to sink! Florida is a low-elevation state and would feel the impact of sea level rise associated with global warming change more strongly than other areas. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has predicted a rise in sea level of one to two feet by the middle of this century and a rise in sea level of four to six feet by the end of this century. Jane Long a senior scientist at the Environmental Defense Fund says that “Florida could be under water by the mid-century” the sea level rising is unstoppable even if all use of energy were to be stopped right this moment global warming would still continue for thousands of years. Venice, Italy, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and many other locations and countries are examples of areas that would be dramatically affected by sea level rising and global warming. Ice loss from Greenland and Antarctica would be the cause from global warming causing sea levels to increase. Some more consequences besides land sinking is coastal environments of animals also getting destroyed global warming is HUGE problem that affects everyone on Earth including innocent animals, but most people aren’t doing anything or care to...

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