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Negative Effects Of Global Warming On Planet Earth

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Global warming refers to the increasing temperature of the earth’s atmosphere due to rises in CO2 and other pollutants, collectively referred to as greenhouse gases. This increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases is leading to climate changes experienced world-wide. The warming of the earth’s atmosphere has resulted in the rise of water temperatures in oceans and seas. The coral reef ecosystem is highly sensitive to even the smallest of changes in temperature. As sea temperatures rise, the corals pass their thermal thresholds and enter a state of stress. When they are stressed the symbiotic zooxanthellae that live within them leave. The zooxanthellae and the coral share a symbiotic ...view middle of the document...

Hotspot trends can be examined when observing global satellite images as to where they occur during which times of the year. Coral bleaching season “is generally during the local summertime”(coralreefwatch). Accordingly, “the peak season is July-September for the northern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and January-March for the southern Atlantic and Pacific. The peak is April-June for the northern Indian Ocean and January-April for the southern Indian Ocean”(coralreefwatch). Although sea temperatures rise naturally during these times, they are not supposed to exceed seasonal highs for extended periods of time. There are times when the temperatures do just that.
The Belize Barrier Reef and the Great Barrier Reef are the largest coral reefs on earth. They have also been subject to some of the most severe coral bleaching. In the past, water temperatures in these regions have been recorded at stress inducing temperatures for extended periods of time. In 1998 and 2002, both Reefs were subject to mass coral bleaching. During these years, “several weeks of hot weather resulted in seawater temperatures several degrees centigrade higher than long-term seasonal averages” (Reefed). Surveys in March and April showed Sixty percent of the Great Barrier Reef was affected, though some corals showed displayed resilience and would make a comeback. The Belize Barrier Reef was not as fortunate. The 1998 incident resulted in 48% mortality of the coral in the region
Coral reefs have several beneficial factors to them. Along with adding color to the ocean, coral reefs provide a habitat for many sea creatures whom help out commercial businesses that rely on the reefs for profit(Grabowski). For instance, coral reefs attract oysters among several other animals, these oysters are caught and sold to consumers. In addition to coral reefs’ commercial use, they are known to be a global tourist attraction. According to the NOAA’s Coral Reef Conservation Program, there was an estimate that valued the global tourism and recreation turned out to be $9.6 billion.
Although, despite providing a great economic resource around the globe, coral reefs have been degrading at a rapid rate. Notwithstanding, the degradation of the reefs has begun cause them to lose some its economic value. For example, mass bleaching of the reefs raises ocean temperatures, subsequently threatening the marine life that is used for commercial intent. Furthermore, due to coral reef degradation, the abundance of healthy coral and marine life the reef inhabits has began to shrink while consequently driving down revenue generated from commercial use of the reefs (Johanssen).
Additionally, coral reefs provide excellent recreation use for divers who want to view healthy reefs and its creatures. While the number of healthy reefs and marine life continues to move downward, so has the revenue that revolves around the diving business....

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