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Negative Effects Of Genetically Modified Foods (Gm Os)

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On a Saturday morning in Long Island, New York, parents gathered to confer about the latest topic, genetically modified (GM) foods. Amongst the parents, there was a mother of three children named Sarah and a father of two children named Ted. Sarah rejected the idea of her children consuming GM fruits, vegetables, and grains calling them “Frankenfood.” As the discussion continued, Ted shared his concurring view of GM foods. He was indifferent about not knowing what GM products he purchased and fed his children. These conflicting viewpoints attribute to their children being part of the first generation of genetically modified kids, and the genetically modified foods were introduced into the food industry of the United States (Hillstrom). As the controversy continues, more studies have been conducted since the beginning of genetically modified foods showing the effects of these products. GM foods have negative or harmful effects on humans and animals as well as threaten the environment and farms. When GM products are consumed, humans and animals are at risk for many health problems. In addition to the concerns of people and animal’s well-being, the environment and farms are heavily influenced by the genetically modified foods. TRANSITION
Although people have their opinions about GM foods, the general population is uneducated and may not even know about genetically modified foods. Genetic engineering (GE) is part of the field of biotechnology which is the science of gene technologies such as manipulation, engineering, and modification (Henningfield). The genetic engineers inject genes from various sources including bacteria, viruses, animals, or humans into the DNA of a crop or an animal. The organisms created are known as genetically modified organism (GMO), genetically engineered (GE), Franktenfood, or transgenic foods. The GM products were first introduced in the United States in 1996. After this year, the products containing GMOs were placed on shelves and sold to people without the knowledge of GM foods. In recent years, the most common GM foods in the United States are soy, corn, canola oil, and sugar from sugar beets. In 2011, 94% of all soybeans and 88% of all corn grown in the US were genetically modified (Smith). TRANSITION
As the industry of genetically modified foods continues to grow, the genetically modified products in the food industry remains a mystery because the products are not clearly labeled and identified as GM products. Genetically modified organisms can often be related to...

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