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Negative Effects Of Not Being A Canadian Citizen

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What makes Canadians truly Canadian? Is it based on their background information: age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background or religion? These factors may characterize one’s personality, but this does not classify one as a Canadian citizen. What differentiates between a Canadian or American is based upon their citizenship status. A citizenship status is a country that one is entitled by birth or naturalization (immigration) with privileges, rights and duties (“Benefits of Canadian Citizenship” 1 Apr. 2014). Many people living in Canada do not realize the value and importance of a citizenship. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people are still waiting on a response from immigration ...view middle of the document...

“Every election is determined by the people who show up.” (Swing 10 Apr. 2014). If less people are able to vote, the elected candidate will not be a strong representation of the people; therefore, the country will have many disagreements on situations. The leader will have different perspectives and opinions from the community, leading it to be a controversy. In addition, the citizens are able to shape the government based on their opinions and preferences. During an election, the candidates gather information about the population’s interests. They make a platform based on the data, so they can get more supporters. Thus, the citizens have the power to control and shape the government’s decisions. The government supports and develops their platforms from the taxpayer’s money. As a taxpayer, one would want the money to benefit them in the near future. If you are not able to vote, your money is essentially being wasted and used by others. For example, if one commonly used public transit to get to work, they would prefer the money to be used for new busses and subways. Another drawback is that one can never campaign or run for an election (“Benefits of Canadian Citizenship” 3 Apr. 2014). This means that one cannot explore and enter the government field. This is an obstacle because government jobs have well paid salaries, but not having your citizenship is a restriction. The reasoning is because the government field is a very secure occupation and they will not tolerate terrorism (“Benefits of Canadian Citizenship” 3 Apr. 2014). Not having a Canadian citizenship will lead to the loss of voting privileges. This has many negative effects on the people’s freedom: they do not have the opportunity to choose their preferred leader; they cannot campaign or participate in any government occupation and their tax money is used up by the government.
Secondly, citizens will not be able to apply for certain benefits of the Canadian pension plans and security benefits. The purpose of pension plans is to encourage people to fund money for their retirement and stop poverty among the seniors (“Old Age Security pension” 1 Apr. 2014). As people age naturally, they become less functional. They will eventually reach an age where they must retire and depend on family or their savings. It is better to sustain and depend on yourself, so you must have a saving plans. There are two main pension plans in Canada: the Old Age Security (OAS) and the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP). The Old Age Security (OAS) pension plan is a monthly payment available to most Canadians 65 years of age and up, that have a Canadian citizenship or are Permanent Residents (PR) (“Old Age Security pension” 1 Apr. 2014). Permanent residents can access some of these social benefits, but they have to often renew their PR card and cannot vote or apply for certain jobs. Clearly, Canadian citizenships are better than Permanent Residency cards. The Old Age Security (OAS) plan is one of the largest pension plans...

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