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Negative Effects Of Single Parent Housholds

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Have you ever known a friend who grew up in a household with only a mother or a father? well, i have. in a 2012 study done by the U.S. Census Bureau information, single parent households numbers are rising(Family, Family, and Divorce.) to be more specific of children living in single-parent homes has nearly doubled since 1960(LifeSiteNews) .Though single parent households that consist only of either mother or father do the best they can to support their children, there are some negative effects to not having a well rounded home life.
One thing that may be negatively affected would be a child’s behavior. Living in poverty is stressful and can have many emotional effects on children, including low self-esteem, increased anger and frustration and an increased risk for violent behavior(LIVESTRONG) .because this child does not have the attention of a child with two parents, this child may have to grow up quicker than most. Single parents are more likely to involve their ...view middle of the document...

this may cause the child to be distant with others because of fear of losing them.A child obviously cannot attach to an absent parent. If the one remaining parent is overwhelmed or exhausted or preoccupied, the child may not form a proper attachment even to that parent(Parents or Prisons | Hoover Institution).So the child may unfortunately end up socially awkward.Moreover, moves that require changing schools can put children out of step with their classmates in terms of the curriculum.(The Future of Children). that causes a child to begin to get behind in school.
A child raised in a single parent home may have more difficulties in school compared to a child with both a mother and a father.because of lack of income, single parents may have to work more than usual to compensate for the absence of the other parent. this results in the child receiving less attention at home for homework and such. Children from single parent households who have been given a lot of say at home sometimes have difficulties at school because they expect to be treated in the same way by teachers (Single Parents).this may result in lower grades compared to a child who is in a well balanced home. Compared to children who have involved fathers children who are without a father are 40%t more likely to repeat a grade in school(The Fatherless Generation.). fatherless or motherless kids are also twice more likely to drop out of school completely.

One-third of American children – a total of 15 million – are being raised without a father. Nearly five million more children live without a mother(LifeSiteNews). though every case is different and these negative effects are worse case scenario and not all children raised by a single parents will end up in these situations however, for some this is the result As a result the number of children who drop out of school increases. This leads to a rise in crime rate because these children are unable to support themselves. also if these children have no mother figure or father figure in their lives, they may have psychological issues. though the single parent is not the sole reason for said child to end up running away or incarcerated, them not being able to pay as much attention to their child plays a big role in the downfall of that child's life.

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