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Negative Effects Of Social Media Essay

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Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and other social networking sites may be an angle sent from above to teenage students who are trying to keep in touch, but what are the negative effects of social media sites on teenagers. Teenagers of this day and age have constant access to social media sites through the modern day convenience Smartphones, Tablets, and wireless internet connections. However, with any positive effects there are always negative effects. Cyber bullying, influences on the teenagers’ sex choices, and the influences on the teenagers’ to smoke, are the three main negative effects of social media sites. This research was conducted to shed light on these negative effects. Also, how these ...view middle of the document...

These types of sites have so many negative effects.
Furthermore, social media sites effect teens’ life’s in negative ways because social sites allow Cyberbullying on the sites. Looking at the statistics Cyberbullying prevailed 56.6% higher than traditional bullying. (Barbara Coloroso, The Bully, the Bulled, and the Bystander). This book stated that “Social media sites allow these grave and terrible events to effect the lives of teenagers across the world. (Barbara Coloroso) This is how social media affects teenager’s lives in negative ways.
Social media sites negatively effect the trends of teenage sexuality. These sites promote inappropriate advertisements on their sites. For example, Facebook allows the adult store Adam and Eve to advertise on their sites. These young teens should not be exposed to these types of advertisements. These sites introduce these sexually explicit images to the teen’s minds. This influence the teens to act on these actions that are not good for teenagers.
Also, these sites effects the teens view on sexuality. For example, pictures of same sex touching may confuse the young mind. This in turns creates a confused view in the students mind. In late 1960’s, 55 percent of males had sex by the age of 18. Now these figures have risen to 65 percent.”Teenage Sexual Behavior.” Current Issues: Macmillan Social Science Library. Detroit: Gale, 2010. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 27 Apr. 2014. The difference is that younger kids are more exposed to sexual content through social media sites. Some sociologist argues that teens are more inclined to become sexually active because of the overwhelming number of sexual images on social media sites. Aside for sex aid classes, the media is teenagers’ leading source...

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