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Negative Effects Of Social Networking Essay

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Social networking has become a means of communication in the present world and has become an important part of one’s life. Social networking is no longer in its infancy stage. The emergence of social networking continues to offer customers with a variety of options and meaningful ways through which they can engage people and events. Besides this, the social networking sites are creating some potential harm to the society. Students are becoming the main victims of social networking. The negative effects of social networking include cyber bullying and security issues. Several techniques must be practiced to protect students from these dangers.
Social networking is the biggest industry in the current world. Popularity of social networking increasing from the day it was first used. Social networking is a structure which is made up of many actors and all the actors are bounded together by a common sociology. In general it is grouping of individuals which may include small communities, neighborhood subdivisions. Social networking began in 1978 with the name Bulletin Board System. Geocities was the first social networking site introduced in 1994 which helped users to create their own websites. After this, Friendster was the social networking site which acquired three million users in first three months, and it served as a launching point for MySpace. This was followed by, LinkedIn, and Since the launch of Facebook it has become the most popular social networking site (Walker, 2011).
Cyber bullying is one of the major issues of concern in the present world of social networking. It can be described as a deliberate, intended or repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones and other electronic devices to show aggressive acts of a group or an individual. Cyber bullying can be in many forms, which include flaming, cyber stalking, denigration, impersonation, photo shopping and threatening. A survey revealed that about 43% of U.S teens reported that they were victims of cyber bullying (Wanger, 2008). Similarly, in Canada 23% of middle school students were bullied by e-mails, 41% by text messages and 35% in their chat room (Wanger, 2008). The bullies are mainly teens, and there are many reasons for it such as anonymity, ignorance of the consequences or social pressure. They also think that bullying helps them to stay popular, hurting others make them feel powerful, helps them cope with their own self-esteem or they think it will help them fit in with their peers.
Social networking sites are used to maintain contacts, but many attackers see them as a prime target for spreading malware. These malware saves the important bank account credentials of different users and these account details are misuse by cyber criminals. The networking sites such as Facebook is used by many of the hackers. In 2010, there was a post which promoted the users to click on a link titled “Most Hilarious Video Ever”. When the...

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