Negative Effects Of Using Cell Phone Csc385 Class Essay

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4 September 2017
Negative Effects of Using Cell Phone
Cell phones have become staple devices in today’s life as about eighty percent of adults and teenagers owning a cell phone. Since the release of the first cell phone, they have become an essential to everyday life whether people own a Smartphone or just a basic flip phone, there is a chance that people check their phone even when it is not ringing or vibrating. Therefore, despite cell phone provides an efficient and easy way to communicate, excessive use of it can result in several negative and impactful effects on our health, education and driving performance. This paper looks into health effects of contented exposure and use of cell phones among the members of the public.
Increasing risk of illness in the immune system because of the incessant touching of the phone harbors germs on the headset. This is seen to be more common because the greasy, oily residue seen on the cell phone after a day’s use contains more germs than those in the toilet seat. Therefore, in a study conducted at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine where the researchers sampled around 390 cell phones and hands to measure the level of bacteria they could contain (Pathak). The results showed that about 92 percent of the cell phones that were sampled had bacteria on them, about 82 hands had bacteria in them and 16 percent of the cell phones and hands had E.Coli. Therefore, the results of this research showed that fecal matter could be easily transferred from one person to another by the use of cell phones.
Concentrations have been impaired since the first cell phone was released; it has undergone a thorough revolution being modified. With this modification, it has several features that the owner keeps on checking throughout on the screen. Some of these features are the e-mail, apps, and news that have impaired the concentrations of people. Therefore, researchers have found that most people are owned by the...

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