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Negative Effects Of Violent Video Games

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Video Games have a negative effect on people who play them; yet they are the bestsellers on the video game market. They are mainly bought by teens, but there are little kids and older adults who also play them. Regardless of who plays them, they have a negative effect on the players of the games. Video games are bad for you because they can lead to real-life violence, are not good for kids, and can mentally affect the players.
Violence in video games has a negative effect on the people who play them because they can lead to real life violence, and give people hostile expectations. In research, it has been shown that “people who played video games for 3 consecutive days showed increases ...view middle of the document...

Video games in general just are not good for kids; soon, they become lazy. It is said that “kids shouldn’t spend a lot of time playing video games…most video games make kids less active and less social.” Since they are constantly playing video games, they just sit all day and play, which makes them fat and socially awkward. Video games influence kids in bad ways; psychologists and other professionals say that “fearful people may be drawn to watching television for a variety of reasons.” Kids especially can become fearful because of all the violence that they see on television, which causes them to stay on the couch watching television because they are so afraid. Once people- mainly kids and teens- start playing video games, it is all they want to do.
The video games that mainly kids and teens buy and play influence kids in a bad way. Professional state video games “aren’t educational and sometimes not age-appropriate, some contain violence and bad language.” Most video games are definitely not educational and usually make kids behave differently-usually for the worse. It is known that “violent games can lead to aggressive thoughts, if not violence itself.” The violent video games influence kids for the worse, and possibly make them violent. There are few video games that are not violent, but the most violent ones seem to be bestsellers.
Furthermore, video games can mentally and physically affect you. The violence in video games leads the players to believe violence is normal in life. People usually so what they see, therefore, “viewing violence at home, in communities, or on television can lead people to believe that violence is a normal...

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